Monday, August 28, 2017

Mike and Jacob's Ninja Sharks Soccer Game

Saturday, August 26, 2017:

Billed as the "Game of the Century" by USA Today, Camarillo's Pleasant Valley Fields would be the scene of today's much anticipated duel between the purple and black Super Cheetahs and YOUR blue and black Ninja Sharks! 

Ninja Shark Head Coach
Mike Contreras preparing young
Jacob Contreras for the game

Yes, in this grass roots battle, the parking lot and the back of Mike's van would serve as the training/locker room.

Warm Up for the Ninja Sharks

The Super Cheetahs' Assistant
Coach was DJ Sotelo who went
to Rio Mesa HS with Mike's
older brother Andy

DJ's son (#4) is on the Super Cheetahs.

Jacob (#5) was happy
to be alive!

 Pre-game Huddle

Dominic is the Ninja Sharks
best player beyond a doubt

Is toe punching legal in soccer?

Jacob tracking down a Super
Cheetahs break away ball

He turned it back in favor of
the Ninja Sharks


Action near the goal

Score Ninja Sharks?


OOPS, wrong sport.

Coach-Player discussion about
#5 holding out for more Gatorade

Jacob dribbling in the
open field

Halftime Ninja Shark Camaraderie 

Ninja Sharks pressing the action

Run to the ball

Nice haircut Jacob

Ninja Shark Wall of Doom

Hey, does that one kid have tattoos on his hands?

Here come the Ninja Sharks . . .

. . . and there goes the ball

High Fives Ninja Sharks!

Post-game hand slaps

Parent Tunnel for all the players
on both teams

I think that all the kids had a good time today, I know that Laurie and I did.

If you want the final score, buy a USA Today on Monday.


David said...

This is why we come to this blog. Where else can you get the inside scoop on Ninja Shark soccer?

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