Friday, June 23, 2017

New Beach, Same Old Routine

Friday, 23 June, 2017:

First and foremost, to all our friends in Sweden . . .


Be careful my friends, it is a long day of wining and dining tonight!

Schnapps anyone?


Nothing says Summer in the south of Europe more than the sound of these bugs on your evening walk back to the apartment after a good dinner.

 The Brits

While Mallorca is a tourist destination for all people especially at this time of year, the Brits by far are the largest single nationality that we encounter followed by Germans and Swedes.

Laurie has been mistaken as being Swedish on more than one occasion in the last few days.

As for the Brits, they are a funny lot.

First, they have absolutely no fashion sense when it comes to hot weather clothing.

Second, even with Coppertone slathered on copious amounts,  they burn not tan.

Finally, the British pubs and restaurants in Palmanova are packed with Brits unwillingly to eat out of their comfort zones.

We tried a new beach today

The palaces looked sound

The view was normal . . .

. . . in both directions

And the water was AMAZING!

We spent hours either baking or swimming.

Life seemed perfect to both of us.

We had dinner at . . .

. . . The Diana Beach Club

The food was good, the beer was cold and . . .

. . . The view was FANTASTIC!

Reading Is FUNdamental

A good, light read while
broiling in the Mediterranean sun

Life is GREAT!

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