Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Day of Wäsby Warriors U11 Football

Sunday, 18 June, 2017:

It was beautiful, warm day today for our final event on the Wäsby Warriors' Spring agenda. 

Two hours of U11 games
followed by a Fika Party!

The youngest level of the Warriors program would be joined by teams from Arlanda, Djurgården and Sollentuna.

The numbers for all four programs would be down a bit since school was out for the Summer and many families were already on vacation.

A much more pressing problem was that Laurie had nothing red, our Warriors' colors are red and black, to wear despite looking extensively in both the Mall of Scandinavia and the Väsby Centrum for a red t-shirt or top early in the week.

In case you are wondering, pink is the in color this time of the fashion year in Sweden.

In a positive turn of events, Lotta Douhan upon hearing about Laurie's dilemma, arrived at our house bearing two presents.

Laurie was saved thanks to her new, official Wäsby Warriors red hat and red t-shirt!

Our wanna-be
fashion model . . .

. . . on a makeshift runway

Now properly dressed, it was on to the games.

Vilundaparken Stadium
was ready!

Pre-game with Packers
STUD center Emil

Don't let that smile fool you, he'll rip your face off come game time.

Even though U11 games are played with seven players on a side, we had a problem today.

Due to the low numbers, our Warriors had to combine elements of our three U11 teams, the Packers, Steelers and Vikings into two teams.

The Sollentuna Stars had to do the same with their Chargers, Redskins and Saints squads.

The Arlanda Jets team only had six players in uniform today and would need some help.

The team from Djurgården had plenty of players.

 We really need to take a hard look
at the DL stances we are teaching

Fight for the ball

Has anybody seen our coach?

Good pass blocking for our QB

Not only does he make a tackle . . .

. . . #50 is the Packers star RB

In another battle for the ball . . .

. . . our Steeler caught it


 Another tackle for our #50

 I liked the Djurgården coach's
jersey number . . .

. . . but it made Emil's blood boil!

Lots of passes and, more
importantly, lots of receptions
on the day

This was the first time in the two Springs that I have been with the U11 Warriors that I can say that our passing game was effective.


 Good blocking paving the way

Leaving would be tacklers
in his wake


Good Faith

The Arlanda Jets only had six players so the Warriors lent them five players for their game against Djurgården.

Armanda defense with a Packer
playing Free Safety

Emil plays DE too


Two really good U11 RBs

One big improvement this year at the U11 level has been the talent at the running back position.

For example, these two Vikings, #12 and #99, are threats to go all the way every time they touch the ball.

 Especially when they
get some blocking like this

The Steelers #12 is yet another
running threat in our program


He wore what I thought were the best looking sox on the field today.

Say, wasn't Ronney Jenkins #12 for the Hueneme Vikings back in the day? 

End Zone Convoy

 U11 games are colorful
if nothing else

 #6 is another Vikings RB,
but this one runs with . . .

 . . . POWER, note the . . .

. . . Redskins defender that
he rolled to the turf in
this sequence of photos

It was definitely the U11 Thor's Hammer Hit of the Day!

He's loose again

 Get off that block

 An Arlanda Jet DB wanted
Crimes Against Humanity

Great QB pressure by a Steeler

This does not look good
for our DE

Running tough

Our Warriors teams experienced nothing but success today, it was a great way to end the Spring training season!

Now it was on to a parent meeting and FIKA TIME!

 With U15 OL/DL Liam

In our U15 game a month ago he easily earned the Thor's Hammer Award for the Hit-of-the-Game.

Unfortunately, he never received it because a serious stomach ailment forced him to miss practice ever since that game against Djurgården.

This was the first chance that I had to give him the Hammer and it worked out nicely as he got it in front of his U15 teammates and many of the parents from all three Warriors teams that were here for the meeting and Fika party.

The U15s who I coached
presented me with gifts

Although the three books about Swedish culture that they gave me were greatly appreciated, having each one tell me in perfect English one specific thing that I had taught them this Spring was a truly unique and memorable gift.


One last photo with the U15s

Aiki, Laurie, me and Lotta

These two wonderful ladies have made my two Springs with the Wäsby Warriors go smoothly.

They presented Laurie and I each with a Team Sweden bright yellow soccer jersey, AWESOME!

I could not have found a better club to work with than with the Wäsby Warriors extremely positive community.

Back at the house, we opted not to go into Stockholm as originally planned for dinner due to the aftereffects of a day in the Sun.

Instead, it was Grilling Time
with . . .

. . . Master Griller Janne
in charge of the BBQ

 The food was GOOD!

Janne, as always, grilled enough
meat to last us until lunch Monday

This bowl had originally been filled to the brim with pork, sausages and brats before we attacked.

It had been another great day in Upplands-Väsby, Sweden!

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