Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Calm, Rainy Day But a GREAT Practice!

Tuesday, 13 June, 2017:

Today was a raw, wet day perfect for my first day of prolonged rest in quite a while.

In the afternoon Laurie and I opted to go into Upplands-Väsby to do little shopping.

Interesting wood carving
near the Väsby Centrum
Shopping Mall

Mushrooms near the
base of the wood carving

It has been damp the last few days.

In the evening, the clouds cleared out making way for a warm night of practice.

To spice things up a bit we were joined by four players from the Sollentuna Stars U15 club tonight.

We also had an incredible, for our U15s, FIFTEEN Warriors suited out tonight!

With a total of 19 players we were
able to do some half-line work

It was good to feel like we were not treading water for once with the U15s!

Meanwhile the U11s were busy
being kids at practice

Some of the Dads joined us
for conditioning drills

Bengt with an incredible
vertical jump

It was our best practice with the U15s in a long time.

It was indeed a great day for American football!

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