Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gunnes Gård and Dinner at the Jönssons

Saturday, 17 June, 2017:

Compared to our normal tourist behavior, today was a quiet day.

We spent the morning in conversations with our hosts, Janne and Aiki, as well as with Lotta who dropped by to pick up Aiki to go buy supplies for the snack bar for Sunday's U11 games.

Lotta had been sick for the last week so it was great to see her up and about again spreading her usual good cheer.

While looking at a photo album of Aiki's childhood growing up in Soviet dominated Estonia, we discovered that . . .

Little Aiki, on the right,
was the cutest of children
in her traditional Estonian dress

To her left is her local Russian KGB field agent.

At least I thought that is what she said.

We went into Upplands-Väsby to do a little shopping.

 Laurie grew up in
Montrose, California

Lunch at the Burger Bistron


In the afternoon, we decided to go visit the Gunnes Gård Viking Village that is located about 70 meters from Aiki and Janne's home.

Gunnes Gård is a working farm
with staffers in period costumes

Laurie by an old May Pole

They carve their own Kubb
game pieces here

Viking wood stacking with
a flare

An ancient Viking drum

An example of Viking needle work

 The view of Gunnes Gård
from the lower pasture area

As I said, Gunnes Gård is a
working farm

 Staffer hard at work

 As close to a horse as
we got today

After our visit to the small but interesting Viking Village, we decided to head into the nearby woods to do some reading.

 It looked as serene
today as always

Funny looking tree stump

Chock full of small
pine cones

 The sheep were out as we
walked past Gunnes Gård
on our way home

Over the now ten years of writing this blog, I have repeatedly said that the greatest memories that we have had were not ones of seeing the great European tourist sights.

No, the truly great memories have come from sharing wine, a meal and hospitality at a new friend's home.

Tonight was one of those memorable nights.

Dinner at the Jönsson's
lakeside home

We had been invited to the home of Anna and Örjan Jönsson for dinner.

We would be joined by their two boys, Arvid and Olle, as well as Arvid's girlfriend Tova.

Arvid and Tova played on last year's Wäsby Warriors U15 team and are both members of this years Sollentuna Stars U17 club. Olle is part of our Warriors U15 team this season.

A reminder, the oldest level for play offered by the Wäsby Warriors is U15. After that age, our players have to continue their American football careers with either of the U17 clubs sponsored by the Arlanda Jets to the north or the Sollentuna Stars to the south.

Tova throwing twilight bullets to
the boys in the Jönsson's front yard

Örjan is another of Sweden's
Master Grillers

Great view for dinner

Sharing a meal with this fine family was such a treat!

Our after dinner stroll near
the lake was inspiring

 Laurie wants to buy and move
into this home

Kairo Beach

It looked like a great place to relax by the water on a sunny afternoon and it is easily reached if you take the 532 bus from the Upplands-Väsby train station.

Örjan, Tova, Arvid, Olle and Anna

Anna, Laurie, me and Örjan

What a great evening topped off with an after dinner walk, home made Fika Time.

While the coffee was good, Anna's homemade chocolate cake/brownie dessert was incredibly rich and oh so good for us too.

Tack så mycket for a great evening Jansson family!

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