Monday, June 12, 2017

A Good Day Spent Watching Youth Football/Soccer and Visiting More Friends in Skåne

Sunday, 11 June, 2017:

After a good night of sleep in Casa Hammarqvist, we were scheduled for a full morning of youth football/soccer as Hilma's Ninja IF 7-8 year olds girls team was due to take part in the the day's leg of the ongoing Levins Cup Tournament.

Casa Hammarqvist in the morning

The game's were being held
in Hassleholm's huge
football/soccer complex

Ninja IF would play four games

The girls in blue would play two different teams from the Hässleholm club and two different squads from the Vinslöv club.

The games were short featuring two ten minute halves with a five minute intermission.

Also they alternated games on the three fields between boys and girls game.

Johan Hammarqvist coaches
Hilda's team

That is Hilma walking behind him.

Ninja IF warm ups



Exciting Play 

 Johan coaching up the post game
traditional interplay between
the two teams

 Johan in the post-tournament
meeting to sum up the day

While things did not go well for Ninja IF on the imaginary scoreboard today, the coaches and parents stayed positive throughout the morning's activity.

Now, it was on to Sunday brunch . . .

Hässleholm's Golf Club
has a good one!

 These view helped digest 
the second heaping plate I ate

We went back to Casa Hammarqvist to relax a bit/digest our meal and were joined by two of our favorite people for mid-afternoon Fika Time.

 Uffe and Elin Palmbrink

Uffe was the President of the 2010 Hässleholm Hurricanes and the reason that I was given the opportunity to coach the team that year. He was also a great linebacker for us.

Elin was the chef behind so many wonderful Taco Friday's at their home in Vinslöv.

In the evening we joined another of the families that had been so good to us in 2010 and beyond.

The Cordeiro Family
Adrian, Katarina, Shawn and William

Good, kind hearted people who shared their home with us once again.

Lots of good memories here as well.

What to do when sensing the onset of a food coma at 9:30 p.m.?

Why go for a walk in the country
near Casa Hammarqvist of course!

There are lots of scenic trails nearby.

Nice farmhouse . . .

 . . . with an old barn . . .

. . . and an interesting rock
wall structure

Quite the complex

Signe, the Hammarqvist's two
year old daughter could not sleep

She had had a long, late nap so Johan packed into the stroller and we were off on a late night, sun lit walk to see if she would crash.

She fought sleep all the way.

We saw cows

We feared attack by wild boars

Open pasture land


A local wine

Signs finally fell asleep and we opened a bottle of a local wine.

After a long day of parenting and hosting us, the Hammaqvists deserved it!

The good times in Skåne continued!

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