Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Day of Rest and Janne's 47th Birthday

Wednesday, 7 June, 2017:

Laurie asked that today be a day of rest from our constantly on the go schedule.

Given the combined facts that rain was forecast for much of the day and that I was out of clean underwear, I agreed.

 Thus we spent the morning at
our communal laundry

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and watching a little TV as the predicted rain dampened everything around us.

Rain or not, our evening was not negotiable. It was Janne's 47th birthday and we were going to celebrate by eating at the Magasinet restaurant in Märsta where he works many a night.

 While waiting for the train
to Märsta, Laurie said,
"Take a picture of that woman's skirt."

So I did.

Märsta is only two train stops north of Upplands-Väsby and then requires merely a two minute bus ride to arrive at the Magasinet Pub and Restaurant. 

Skagenröra appetizer

Shrimp, YUM.

Plank steak was my
main dish option

The mashed potatoes were amazing.

Bernaise sauce with everything was a nice touch too.

Laurie wanted me to SHARE?

Not going to happen.

Janne Kristoffersson
Our Birthday Boy

Ok, I relented and did exchange
a few bites for some of her pasta

 Janne, Aiki, Laurie and George

When you think about it, Laurie is kind of short.

We had a good meal with great people. After dinner we decided to walk back to the Märsta train station to work off a calorie or two.

Once back in Upplands-Väsby, we had a 20 minute wait for the next bus back to our house.

As Janne would say, "No problem."

The Upplands-Väsby location of the Magasinet Pub and Restaurant is right next to the train station. Janne also works a few nights a week at this location. 

We went in to have another libation while waiting for our bus. Janne said not to worry even though I was sure that we had sat too long and missed our ride home for the moment.

Janne's response when we got outside was that he got us a taxi instead.

This is Janne's idea of a "taxi"

As it turns out, to nobody's surprise, Janne knows a lot of people.

Janne and Aiki in the
Hummer Limo's back seat

We took the side seat

We were safely back home

What a fun evening . . .


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