Thursday, June 15, 2017

Laundry, a Kyrka and a Coaches Clinic

Wednesday, 14 June, 2017:

A good day started in a mundane fashion . . .

 Laundry Day

Drainage Area in the
communal laundromat

It took about 90 minutes but all of our clothes were clean for another week and we both got a lot of reading done.

Next up was a bus ride to the village of Fresta which has an old church with more rune stones than any other church in Sweden according to the official Upplands-Väsby tourist information guide.

Of course, almost every church we visit can comfortably be referred to as old.

Nice home in Fresta

Fresta Kyrka

This church has 15 rune stones on its grounds.

Built of fieldstone, the oldest parts of the church date from the 1200s. The last major renovation occurred in 1776 when the current tower and entrance were built. 

The church is built on an ancient sacrificial site dedicated to the Viking god of fertility Freyr. Freyr was also the Norse god of peace, good crops and weddings. This site was also linked to Freyr's beautiful sister Freya, the goddess of love and fertility.

Thick rock wall 

Nice church tower with
three rune stones visible

These two rune stones
are quite large

 This one was small

 The inside of the Fresta Kyrka

The hanging crucifix dates back to the 1200s.

 Sunday collection tools

Old murals all over
the place

This baptismal font
is from the 1200s

 Regal wall hanging and
another faint mural

 Angels in the Kyrka

 And another mural

The altar

I like stars

A rune stone inside the
Kyrka's inner wall

 The rune stones were interesting
but we were getting hungry

We picnicked in a secluded spot
dedicated to St. Bridget of Sweden
Patron Saint of Sweden

It is believed that the parish of Fresta was St. Bridget's birthplace and that she worshipped in this very church as a child.

After her husband died she became known for her charitable works towards unwed mothers and their children. She would go on to found the Order of the Most Holy Savior for nuns.

My favorite note about her was that she and her husband did a pilgrimage to Spain's Santiago de Compostela in 1341.


More of rune stone mania

Now if they only had
notes in English explaining
their meanings . . .

In the evening I was asked to hold a coaching clinic for our Wäsby Warriors U11 and U13 coaches by club leader . . .

. . . Aiki Parts
The Swedish Patron Saint of
Fika and Coffee

The main topics were
A. Practice Planning
B. Creating an Environment That
Retains Players on a Year-to-Year Basis

 My clinic notes

 After discussing the two
main topics, we expanded to
answering any and all questions

Our U11 and U13 coaches

It was a good 90 minute session and I feel that we all had a positive experience that led to some lively interaction as to the future direction of the club.

Communication is a good thing.

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