Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Swiss NLB Football Report


Nestlé is Switzerland's largest company and their presence is felt all over the country.

Also, their chocolates are so good for you!!!

Swiss American Football League

NLB Week #4 Results
Thun 6 - Luzern 0
Basel 18 - Geneva 8
BYES: Fribourg and LUCAF

NLB Standings
Basel Meanmachine 3-0
LUCAF Owls 2-0
Geneva Seahawks 1-1
Thun Tigers 1-1
Luzern Lions 1-3
Fribourg Cardinals 0-3

NLB Week #5 Games
Sunday, April 22
Basel (3-0) at Fribourg (0-3)
Geneva (1-1) at Luzern (1-3)
BYES: LUCAF (2-0) and Thun (1-1)

While Luzern gets ready to play their fifth game of their ten game schedule this Sunday in NLB Week #5, LUCAF and Thun both have their third BYES in the first five weeks of the season.

Nice scheduling.

Practice tonight for the Senior team was not as well attended as usual as several of our players have been called up to serve their three weeks of military reserve duty. They will be home on the weekends and can thus play in games but practices will be dicey at best the next few weeks.

Stress fundamentals.

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