Monday, April 23, 2012

EuroBall League Updates

American football news from the teams and leagues where I've had the pleasure of coaching.

Swiss American Football League

NLB Week #5 Results
Luzern 10 - Geneva 6
Basel 40 - Fribourg 19
BYES: LUCAF and Thun

NLB Standings
Basel Meanmachine 4-0
LUCAF Owls 2-0
Thun Tigers 1-1
Luzern Lions 2-3
Geneva Seahawks 1-2
Fribourg Cardinals 0-4

NLB Week #6 Games
Sunday, April 29
Thun (1-1) at LUCAF (2-0)
Geneva (1-2) at Basel (4-0)
BYES: Fribourg (0-4) and Luzern (2-3)

NOTES: While Luzern and Fribourg get much needed byes this coming weekend, the Tigers face a very tough road trip to Lausanne to take on the undefeated LUCAF Owls.

Italian Football League

The Catania Elephants, where I coached in 2008 and 2009, are at it again! They have gotten off to another good start under the direction of their new Head Coach, Jag Ball.

By the way, if you want to have an incredible experience, coach these crazy Sicilians for two seasons!

The Elephants are currently 4-1 after beating the Bolzano Giants 41-33 yesterday. Their other three wins have been at the expense of the Milan Seamen (51-35), the Bologna Doves (57-14) and the Parma Panthers (20-17). The lone loss of the season was dealt to the Elephants by the Ancona Dolphins (27-37).

IFL Standings
Bologna Warriors 6-1
Ancona Dolphins 4-1
Catania Elephants 4-1
Parma Panthers 5-2
Milan Rhinos 4-2
Milan Daemons 3-2
Bolzano Giants 3-3
Reggio-Emilia Hogs 2-4
Bergamo Lions 2-4
Milan Seamen 2-4
Bologna Doves 0-5
Lazio Marines 0-6

NOTES: The twelve team set up this season makes for the biggest IFL in recent memory. Catania travels to the north of Italy this Saturday to play the Reggio-Emilia Hogs. The Lazio Marines' official sponsors,, does not seem too concerned about Lazio's poor performance to date.

Swedish American Football Federation

I coached the mighty Hässleholm Hurricanes in 2010, another great group with many fond memories for Laurie and me.

The 2012 season starts this Saturday in Sweden with the 'Canes hosting the Derby Game against their heated rivals, the Kristianstad Predators.

Division I of SAFF has been drastically revamped this year with only three conferences instead of the usual four. Hässleholm will still compete in the Södra (South) Conference.

In 2012, the seven team SAFF Division I Södra Conference will be made up of:
Ekeby Greys
Göteborg Marvels
Hässleholm Hurricanes
Kristianstad Predators
Limhamm Griffins
Lugi Vikings
Ystad Rockets

EURO BOWL NOTES: As you can see, each country starts their season, in large part, based on the typical weather situation in their part of Europe.

This makes the Euro Bowl competition an interesting venture on several levels. For the Helsinki Wolverines, last Saturday night's Euro Bowl game in Chur against the powerful Calanda Broncos was their first game of any type in 2012. The Broncos already had three Swiss NLA games, all big wins, under their belts.

Teams from Spain's top division have already played nine Spanish League games this season.

Of course, the fact that these Euro Bowl games are usually sprinkled into the various team's home country league mix can also make for some interesting scheduling.

In 2008, the Bergamo Lions of the Italian Football League were forced to play three IFL games in one week (Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday) in order to play a Euro Bowl game on the day that they should have played whichever team it was whose game was resceduled for that particular Wednesday evening.

If nothing else, EuroBall decision makers are fun to watch as they come up with new and zanier ways to top each other in semi-Darwin Award winning organizational blunders.


P.S., Kudos to the Swiss American Football website for actually posting scores of Sunday's games before mid-night last night . . . AMAZING!!!

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