Sunday, April 22, 2012

Geneva Seahawks at Luzern Lions NLB Game

While your 1-1 Thun Tigers had a bye in Swiss NLB action this week, there was still work to be done on this Sunday.

We needed to scout the 1-1 Geneva Seahawks game in Luzern against the 1-3 Lions.

 Into the Lions' Den

The Lions play their home games at Sportplatz Allmend, sort of a three ring sports circus if ever there was one!

While the plush field is actually the infield of an old horse race track, there were activities/distractions all around us like . . .

The Luzern Fussball Stadium . . .

Paragliding practice . . .

A youth fussball game next to
a Carnival and finally . . .

 The Luzern Cheerleaders!!!

Distractions aplenty!!!

Today's Road Crew 
Markus Moser, Nicole, Nadia
and Adrian Jüsy

Markus and Adrian were part of Saturday's Road Warriors to Chur for the Euro Bowl game. We traded our Saturday wheelman, Stephan Pulver, for these two very nice young ladies. While I love Stephan to death, I think we improved the team overall with our two new recruits.

While driving with Adrian and Nadia, I found out all sorts of interesting tidbits of information. Adrian is a drummer in a local band and Markus is the group's bass guitarist which makes a lot of sense if you think about it.

Adrian, who worked for some time in Vancouver, British Columbia, will be coming to Las Vegas in August. I sense a Vegas Run already!

Four good people indeed!

Luzern Lions Ready? 

Geneva Seahawks Ready?


The game was marred by 315 penalties for 2,453 yards against the two teams.

At least it felt like that many, I could be a little off with those numbers as I was concentrating on filming the game.

But not by much.

Luzern jumped to a 10-0 lead at halftime but Geneva came back late in the game to cut the Lions' lead to 10-6 with about two minutes left in the contest. A successful onside kick gave the Seahawks one last chance but the Lions' defense made the plays that they had to to seal the deal.

Final Score: Luzern 10 - Geneva 6

Luzern improved to 2-3 while Geneva dropped to 1-2 on the campaign.

They kept asking for Jonatan Brunner?

We have two practices Monday night, the U-16s at 6:00 and then the U-19s at 7:30, can't wait!

Football Weekend Continues!!!

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