Thursday, April 26, 2012

Schloss Hünegg

After finishing breaking down our DVD of this Sunday's opponent, the 2-0 LUCAF Owls, I decided to take a short bus trip along the north shoreline of Lake Thun.

Lake Thun was calm . . .

and the skies were overcast

But the Spring flowers were still wonderful

Johnny Unitas' old passing tire

Like many other retired ex-pats now living here in Switzerland.

Lonesome Duck

Lake Thun Water Temperature 9.0ºC/48ºF
Air Temperature 16.7ºC/62ºF

Still a bit too nippy for a dip for me.

Peaceful Harbor


Serene Lake Thun

It was at about this point that I noticed a sign for the first time pointing out that across the street is the Schloss Hünegg. A schloss is a castle or chateau.

Schloss Hünegg's fierce Guard Rooster

If I were a druid, I'd worship it

The rear of the Schloss

The Schloss' elysian field

The front of the Schloss Hünegg

The Schloss' Rear Garden

The Schloss' Side Garden

The Schloss' view of Lake Thun

This schloss is a marvelous home with fantastic gardens and views of the Alps. It was time to get back home to prepare for tonight's two practices, the U-16's at 6:00 p.m. followed b\y the Senior team's at 7:30.

Across the road from the Schloss Hünegg


I discovered these today by accident at the Migros Supermarket.

Very, very addictive . . .

Great effort tonight at our two practices, we needed it with our big game fast approaching on Sunday.


steveswindle said...

Those little cream cheese sandwiches look delicious, and I bet they are very good for you too!!!

George said...

Why, yes they are Steve!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you and your Tigers against the front runners!! Did you give an offering to that Druid Tree?
Thanks loads for your share of my March Madness winnings. Only you, the Murrays, Patrick Fitz and Dick Bellman paid up! Thought I was going to get $200? I am taking the Tigers and the spread next game, Paul P

George said...

Is it time to get some of your Croatian Mafia pals to put the squeeze on some of these deadbeats?