Wednesday, April 25, 2012

75 Days in Europe

Tuesday is usually "Travel Tuesday" for me, a day to visit some wonderful sight in Switzerland. Today due to continued overcast skies and still recovering from the two weekend road trips to Chur and Luzern, I opted to stay home to do laundry, clean Helvetica and do the usual daily shopping for needed supplies.

Let's take a look at some action from Monday night's U-19 team practice. We worked a half line scrimmage since we were a bit low on numbers.

Line ready, QB not so much . . . 


Some Live Action

Some more Pass Blocking

Monday was Day 75 in Europe

To celebrate this mile stone day, I purchased a pot of "Thun Tiger Purple" flowers and a bottle of forbidden Havana Club rum.

As Ueli would say, I enjoyed some "special" coffee today while cleaning.


David said...

Speaking as one Italian laundromat veteran to another, I've been meaning to ask: Is the laundry still a two-hours-per-load process, or have you figured out a way to do it more quickly?

George said...

The laundry cycle in Heidiland is 2 Hours and 2 minutes per load, not one minute faster or one minute slower.