Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Film Study


The Swiss love their cows so it is only natural to figure out who has the best cow in the herd, the Queen Cow if you will. Contests are held called the Combats de Reines in French or Kuhkämpfe in German. Plain and simply, these are cow fights where the cows lock horns and then try to force their opponents to go backwards thus establishing their dominance.

The winning cow is then deemed the beast most worthy of leading the herd to the summer pastures. The winner can be worth as much as 25,000 Swiss Francs. These cow fights are starting up right about this time of the year.

I've got to get to one of them for sure!

Update on the construction going on in Helvetica's back yard: I mis-spoke when I wrote about the holes that are being dug in the yard, Ueli clued me in to the truth of the matter. The hole that they are digging will be the main source of Ueli's home's heating system! They drill 150 meters deep and then put a soil sensor in place. This, combined with a new heat pump, will magically warm up the floor heating in the house. The house will also have a Photovoltaic system giving Ueli and Cindy an environamentally friendly heating system. The house will run solely on clean energy.

The Young Boys flag is still flying from atop their drilling rig though.

Today was a long day sitting at home on a rainy day finishing the statistics breakdown of our Basel game and getting the beginnings of a Scouting Report put together for our next game against Luzern's Double Wing offense on April 15th.

From there it was off to the Senior practice which had about 28 players in attendance. We spent most of the night on fundamentals and teaching the defense their keys against Luzern's offense.

Special Note: I didn't take any pictures today.

I'm sure that I will take a few in the next few days in Lyon, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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