Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Rainy Day in Amsterdam

The Grand Amsterdam Tour - Day #2

It would rain all day long but the parade went on!

Why you ask? Simple, before I left I bought a really good Samsonite umbrella for a princely sum at the Camarillo Outlet Mall.

Throughout the day I noticed others sporting umbrellas that had broken struts, were being turned inside out by the wind or were just sad looking.

Not my proud Samsonite, it held its shape perfectly all day as it kept me bone dry.

This umbrella was well worth the price.

The Breakfast of Champions

A cappuccino and a croissant was all that I needed, I was ready to attack the Dutch capital once again.

This guy is HUGE in this bicycle crazy city!

The first stop on yet another drug and prostitute free day for me was . . .

The Rijksmuseum

This magnificent museum has a tremendous collection of works by the Dutch Masters.

Is that a cell phone in her hand?

Tulips in a Dutch museum garden

Who would have guessed it?

A Stately Statesman

I hope Kevin's and Jacob's cribs are up to snuff

Can this actually be played?

I miss my little bride

Once done at the Rijksmuseum, I ambled about 400 meters to the Stedelijk Museum which specializes in modern art.

It was closed for renovations.

Don't give me that look!

I just like museums dealing with art and/or history themes.

I also like to roam the streets when I visit an old city to get a better feel for the people, their customs and their culture.

The Amsterdam Flower Market

Lots of vivid colors on display

The Dutch love their tulips

Me too, truth be told.

Flowers were not the only things for sale.

Christmas Ornaments

Laurie would have bought a bunch if she had been here.

Dutch Cheese looked good . . .

Especially up close

Meanwhile, back at the architecture . . .

I like red bricks

The Amsterdam Concert Hall

More red brick

This hotel looks nicer than mine

Cool, old canal buildings

No thanks, I don't need a surprise ending

Ending to what?

The Amsterdam Museum

I liked this entryway but I passed on taking a look inside.

The Royal Palace on Dam Square

Drugs on the left bank,
Women of loose virtues on the right bank

A home for wayward
Catania Pink Elephants?

There are a lot of canals in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's Old Church and its . . .

Ancient Organ

Patrolling the Red Light District

This is a job for BICYCLE REPAIR MAN!!!

If I did do drugs . . .

I would probably hit this fine "coffee bar" establishment first upon arriving in New York.

But no, it was back on the #14 tram to check out . . .

The World War II Dutch Resistence Museum

Nazi propaganda

Public Enemy #1 according to most
of the Dutch Resistance in WWII

Anton Mussert was the leader of the Dutch Nazi Party.

The Star of David

This yellow star was meant as a one way ticket to a Death Camp in the eyes of the Nazis.

Not Adolf's favorite caricature I'm sure

The Nazis were not happy
about the Dutch railroad strike!!!

Kicking the pig for victory

Happy Dutch girls after the
Netherlands was liberated by the Allies

Did I mention that prostitution has been legal in Amsterdam since 1200 A.D.?

Canal Houses and Canal Houseboats

The Anne Frank House

Touring the place where she, her family and some friends were hiding from the Nazis was quite a moving experience. It made you both proud and humble in the shadow of this incredibly brave teenager and the simple beauty of her diary entries.

I was feeling so very good about the human condition.

Then I realized that someone had stolen my umbrella out of the Anne Frank House cloakroom.

This was the only way to deal
with my rage in a semi-positive way

I was wet but it worked.

Two days down and I have found lots of positive things to do in Amsterdam that don't involve pot or camp followers.


Ryan Bolland said...

I'm glad you made it to the Dutch Resistance Museum. I'm sure you, like I did, found it interesting to compare the Danish resistance effort with that of the Dutch, having now visited both museums.

Have you had a chance to have rijsstafel yet? It doesn't have any weed in it, don't worry.

George said...

Thank you Lolita