Saturday, July 24, 2010

Taco Friday at Castle Palmbrink

The Swedish company, Ericsson, is a worldwide leader in the field of mobile phone networks.

On Friday, we met at Castle Palmbrink in Vinslöv to first, meet with Uffe and The Godfather to discuss our plans for the last part of our 2010 season. After the meeting was over, we were also going to share in one of the Castle's famous Taco Friday feasts.

The meeting went well.

To recap our situation, our last game was on June 19th. Two days later we held a team meeting to discuss the season up to that point and to go over any questions that the players might need answered. It was a very positive meeting.

That moved us into the tradtional Swedish American Football Federation's (SAFF) Summer break. No games in either the Super Series or Division I would be played between June 19th and August 8th. There is one exception to this and that is a key make-up game between Linhamn (3-1-1) and Kristianstad (5-0) on August 1st.

We have not practiced at all since the Kristianstad game and we will finally start up our preparations for our final two games of the season with a practice next Tuesday, August 27th.

Because the Oskarshamn Dockers folded their team the morning that we were slated to play them at home back on June 5th, we have also lost out on our trip to their home field originally scheduled for August 8th. This leaves us with only two games after the break, August 14th at home against the Carlshamn Oakleaves and the season finale at the Kristianstad C4 Lions on August 21st.

One of every SAFF team's concerns is that the norm is that a lot of players do not return to their teams after this prolonged break. We already know of one very key Hurricane player who, because of his work schedule, can only attend two of our last eight practices and will definitely miss one game. Thus, a lot of our meeting today focused on what changes would need to be made given the potential changes in our roster. This coming week's attendance at practice will shape our strategies down the stretch.

Once the meeting was over, The Godfather left us to rejoin his family at their Summer cottage on the Baltic Sea near Ystad. Just after he left we were joined by Uffe's sister Victoria and her husband Richard, they are newly weds and very nice people.

The occasion was Taco Friday but it was really more of a chance to enjoy Uffe and Elin's two youngest children, Mira and Ludvig. Their oldest daughter, Linna, was at her Grandmother's house for a few days. It turned into another fun and interesting night for the six adults, thank God that they speak English so very well!

Prince Ludvig I

A two year old boy and a brand new whistle . . . DANGER!

Uffe and Princess Mira

She is the quiet one of the three Palmbrink children.

Quiet is a relative term.

Elin and Ludvig

As usual, Ludvig loves his role as the party animal.

Ludvig trying on some of the Crown Jewels

A little music, a little wine . . .

The Ballroom was alive!

Not all the fruit was fermented

The ultimate sign of how good the tacos were is that I did not stop eating even once to pick up my camera and take a picture of the main course!

Another great evening with great food and greater people.

It got so late that we missed the last train back to Hässleholm, so Richard and Victoria offered to drive us home which was way out of their way.


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