Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Day at Lursjöbaden

There are nearly 100,000 lakes in Sweden.

Today we joined Johan and Henning Hammarqvist for a drive out to one of them.


The suffix "sjön" in Swedish means lake, so in English we were at Lake Lur.

Now growing up in southern California, our water attraction was always the Pacific Ocean, 40th Street in Newport Beach to be specific. The lure of the surf is part of the lore of life in the Golden State.

In my golden days, I now find lakes so soothing and beautiful.

Kids Area

Henning loved the slide as it turned out.

Setting up our spot


It means shallow. This lake is like the beach at Carpinteria, very shallow a long way from the shore.

Hey, isn't Carpinteria the "World's Safest Beach?"

"Sun, Fun, Stay, Play"

This Bakersfield slogan fits these kids at Lursjön a lot better it seems to me.

Blessed Shade

Henning auditioning for the role of the
Penquin in the new Swedish Batman movie

Living in that yellow house would be SWEET!

Johan and Henning

It is amazing how much fun you can have with just a lake and a bucket.

I hope Henning had fun too.



In the evening, it was time for our first Hurricanes practice in six weeks as we prepare for the last two games of the season.

I guess my comments frightened
away three potential PeeWees

"What he said gave me a headache!"

Lots of the players brought their wives, girlfriends and kids to practice.

For Mira Palmbrink,
tonight was all about nutrition

Attendance was low

It was to be expected, in Sweden July is the big vacation month. Still, the ones who came worked hard and got another day better.

Someday Ludvig, someday . . .

Johan Hammarqvist came to practice

Here he is working PeeWees Henning and Ludvig on a fumble recovery drill on asphalt!

He is a tough, no nonsense, old school coach.


Did anybody get the license
plate number of that truck?

Don't worry Ludvig, the first time you take one of these ear hole shots, think Alex Lilja, it IS quite stunning.

Unfortunately, the next time won't feel any better.

Ludvig, if you must know, Mira was the Wide Receiver doing the cracking on this play.

Half-line Offense vs. Air

Working on the Passing Game

While our passing game looked good tonight, our catching game still needs a lot of improving.

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David said...

I'm thinking a passing game without a catching game is not really a passing game.