Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Billy's Pan Pizza and Other Delights

On yesterday's blogpost's comment page, I got a great link from Jason Johnson showing off his incredible talents as a videographer. His subject this time was his uncle, Scott Westering at the huge Fort Lewis, Washington Fourth of July Fireworks Show.

Uncle Scott, the Head Football Coach at Pacific Lutheran University in his off days, serves as the Firemaster at these huge fireworks displays throughout the summer in the Pacific Northwest.

If you go to the link below you will see the best use of road flares since the infamous Section C, Row 6, Seats 21-22-23 riot at the 2007 AC vs. Inter Milan match.

The Milanese boys wore no helmets but then again, Uncle Scott was a lot closer to the action, check it out:

Jason also inquired about the Vilhelm Moberg books I am reading concerning the 1850s emigration of the Swedish Nilsson family to Minnesota. Jason's family is of both Swedish and Danish ancestry and originally settled in Albert Lea, Minnesota. He wondered if perhaps the book's setting was close to Albert Lea, so here is a visual for you JTwice.

The State of Minnesota in red

"The Land of a 1,000 Lakes" actually has 10,000 lakes over 10 acres in size according to Michael Contreras' 4th grade State Report, ca. 1985.

Chisago County, Minnesota in red
Freeborn County, Minnesota in blue

Karl Oskar, Kristina and the kids settled in at Lake Chisago in 1850 by means of squatter's rights. Today, Chisago County is booming with a 2000 census count of 41,101 inhabitants.

Jason's ancestral home of Albert Lea, population 18,356 in the 2000 census, is in Freeborn County.

I wonder why the Minnesota's NFL team is called the Vikings?

After a week of sleeping in a hotel and two cruise ship interior windowless cabins in total darkness, it was now back to Icelandia and the constant struggle with 20 hours of daylight. I don't fight it and just get up do a few things and take a nap or two during the day.

Laurie, on the other hand, creatively rages against the light!

Sorry, Dylan Thomas.

"Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Yes, Lisbeth Salander fans,
we had
our first Billy's Pan Pizza dinner

A Hawaiian pizza was the choice and it was OK although I could have eaten about six more of them instead of just the two slices I was alloted.

That crane has GOT to be
taken down at night!

Another beautiful Swedish sunset outside of Icelandia's window. It was an overall quiet day of recharging our batteries.

Diana Krall

Tuesday we are off to visit Copenhagen before going to the Diana Krall Concert in Tivoli Gardens. It should be another great day!


JTwice said...

First of all, I didn't need the first clip art picture showing me where Minnesota was... although I did my state report on Michigan I still can pinpoint the land 'o 10,000 lakes on a map :-)

Secondly, I posted the location of Albert Lea on facebook for you.

Third, I got the people to remove that pesky crane -- check your email.

And finally, thanks for linking the video :-)

Michael Contreras said...

YES!!! I knew the information from my report would someday become useful.