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Blog Post #900 - Laurie Guest Blogs

The pop group ABBA is made up of Swedish singers named Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Annifrid.

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NorreSkåne Sports

Its been 33 days since we last had a game, but yesterday NorreSkåne published not one but two articles that took up 95% of a page in yesterday's edition. Both articles were well written by Johan Hammarqvist and dealt with some obvious flaws in SAFF's last Division I Power Rankings.

It was great for both our sport and the Hurricanes to be getting so much publicity during the Summer break in the schedule. Our next game will be at home against the Carlshamn Oakleaves on August 14th.

Today was a massive laundry/reading day as we are still try to settle down to normal life patterns after the two big road trips in the last three weeks.


Hello from Sweden! This (according to my husband, who keeps track of these types of things) is my 40th day in Europe. He has DEMANDED that I do a Guest Post. I do not like doing this, but because he is actually making dinner this evening, I will do my best.

To start with, I love Sweden. The people, the town we live in, countryside, the food -- even the applicances (i.e., the washing machine and dryer). Our apartment is delightful, set in the corner of an apartment building which faces a park. We are on the corner of the apartment building and have windows on both sides, so even when it gets hot -- and it has been, we have wonderful ventillation.

The town (Hässleholm) is delightful with wonderful shopping. Everything we need (and more) is within just a couple of blocks. We have wonderful parks to walk through, sit in and read, or just watch the birds or the children.

Our travels have been great. George, as always, is a wonderful travel agent and has everything organized when we have gone for either a day, three days, or for our last 8-day trip. He has been more considerate this year with frequent coffee-water-food stops during our long days traveling through some incredible cities.

Right now we are 'home' in Hässleholm for awhile, which is fine, after an 8-day trip. I would be more than happy just to be here, as it is so nice. We are trying to decide where to go for one more trip for a weekend before the last two games of the season. Because of the time of year, things are quite expensive now, so we probably won't go far from home.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this part of the world and are thankful that George was asked to coach the Hurricanes. We have met so many wonderful people who have been so very generous when asking us into their homes. We can never thank you all enough for your hospitality. Please know that if you ever come to Southern California we would be most honored to have you visit us.

(Swedish spelling of Laurie)

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