Monday, July 5, 2010

Swedish Fourth of July BBQ

We were excited to accept the invitation from Shawn and Katerina Cordeiro to come to their home for a good old fashioned Swedish-American Fourth of July BBQ. It promised to be great fun as over 50 men, women and children would be in attendance. The weather was perfect, the brauts were too and the beer was ice cold. LET THE GRILLING BEGIN!

The American Flag flying proudly

Red, white and blue decorations, a tent, a pool, and every conceivable type of sports ball for the kids to enjoy.

It was lots of fun watching the kids taking their cuts with a baseball bat vs. a Whifle ball! Their throwing techniques were of interest as well.

Shawn Cordeiro, Boston Grill Master

Our host was definitely in his element today as he had four BBQs going at the same time! A Massachusetts native, Shawn has lived in Sweden now for nearly 20 years and is married to the lovely Katerina, a Swedish lass by birth.

Shawn is almost over the Celtics loss to the Lakers in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals.


Summer, Sun, Kids, Pool

A simple but effective formula in any country as it turns out.

Adrian "A-Train" Cordeiro and Laurie pondering the wonders of multi-flavored gummy bear-like candies

A sugar high is really a must on the Fourth! We gorged on chips and Grandma (farmor, i.e., father's mother) Pauline Cordeiro's incredible Taco Salad. Although after my fifth plate of it, it started to lose its grip on me.


William Cordeiro's other grandmother (mormor, Katerina's mother) is seen here slathering him with some form of ancient Swedish animal fats to protect him from the evil spirits of that big round yellow thing in the sky today.

If necessary, and following Sweden's socialist leanings, I was all in favor of a human sacrifice if it was in the best interests of the group.

What in the name of Tom Brady
is this kid wearing???

Official Bjorn Borg brand USA underwear, an obvious choice today if you ask me!

Another truly awesome day. Thanks again to the Cordeiro family!


The Third Book in Moberg's Emigrant Series

I finished this book on the cruise ship coming back to Stockholm from St. Petersburg. This is such a good series about a Swedish family, the Nilssons, and their adventures emigrating from Småland to Minnesota in the 1850s. One last book to read about this journey before I leave Skåne.

June's Google Analytics Report

Readership of the blog continues its downward spiral for the second consecutive month!

Global warming and the world economic crisis are the only possible reasons for this as the statistics showed a 2.6% drop in readership over May's figures.

Still, during the month of June, 3,153 different people from 95 countries visited the blog a total of 6,510 times.

My top five visitors from exotic countries that had blog hits in May were from Guernsey, Netherlands Antilles, Martinique, the Palestinian Territories and Qatar.

We'll try to spice it up in July in an effort to bring up the ratings. Thanks for your support!

Perhaps a revival of the Heather Linderman Ad-of-the-Day would turn the tide???

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JTwice said...

Giorgio... missed you on the 4th! Here's what we were doing:

Yes, highways flares truly are the best way to light fireworks, especially the 6" shell in plastic mortar variety!

But more importantly -- where did those now famous Nillson's settle in Minn-e-sota? My forefathers came from your neck of the woods (and Denmark) to settle in southern Minnesota near Albert Lea... just curious where they decided to throw down their lutefisk and lefse.

ciao man -- keep in touch!