Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day at Sea/Stockholm Mini Day

Wednesday was a quiet day at sea as we set sail from St. Petersburg at midnight for the non-stop return trip to Stockholm. We needed to recharge our batteries so our day consisted of some sun on the ship's pool deck, reading and a suitable nap before dinner.

The Ship's Company Flag Parade

The staff and crew of the Vision of the Seas come from over 50 different countries. This parade was to honor each of those countries. As it turned out we had a very large and boisterous contingent in the audience from South Africa as well as from Sweden.

They both went nuts when their country's flags were announced.

Mike Weiss and Cindy Wright celebrated their 10th birthdays of the new millennium on June 30th!

Our waiter, Gabriel from Portugal, had this special birthday hat waiting for Mike at dinner which Ruth seems to be enjoying thoroughly.

Cindy did not score a special chapeau like Mike's but she handled the disappointment quite well I thought.

The Skärgården Archipelago

Early Thursday morning we awoke to the sights of the gorgeous Archipelago again as we cruised into Stockholm.

This would be another quick day in Sweden's capital city as we were due to get on the Siulja Lines overnight cruise/ferry to Helsinki, Finland at 5:00 p.m.

Gamla Stan's main thoroughfare

We again trekked into Stockholm's Old Town, featuring lots shopping, food and people watching.

Why is this man hiding?

Laurie likes peas

So does Paul Petrich. She asked me to take this picture of a huge bowl of peas in the buffet line at Grillska Huset in the Stortorget and put it on the blog.

I said "Yes, dear" and asked no questions nor made any wise-ass remarks.

A very good career move indeed.

St. George and that pesky Dragon yet again

Pretty much the same as the statue inside the nearby Storkyrkan Cathedral only metal as opposed to wood.

The Dragon is still very fierce looking to me.

Österlånggatan 6, Stockholm

Our main goal today in Stockholm was to visit the Livrustkammaren, the Royal Armory. It is said to have an incredible collection of medieval royal armor.

They spoke the truth.

King Gustav Vasa wore this helmet

The visor is lost in time but you get the general idea. I like the built-in crown to easily identify who the enemy wants to kill first.


"My kingdom for a horse!" You had to protect your steed at all costs in battle. Even it meant adding ram horns.

How did women's shoes get into
the Royal Armory?

Definitely NOT a NOCSAE approved helmet

The Royal Wave from the Queen's Carriage

Ladies need to look their best in battle too!

A real Royal Carriage

Another King Gustav Vasa Battle Helmet

This one weighed over 40 pounds and its wide brim sat on the King's shoulders for support. Note the small round dent in the crease to the right where a test round was fired at the helmet to prove its worth.

DEFINITELY NOCSAE battle helmet approved!

From King Karl XII's time in the early 1700s

Medieval Disco Days Mustache Helmet


The Complete Set of Collectible
Swords and Daggers

Dueling Pistols, a MUST in every castle!

Medieval Prosthetic Arm

Nothing says class like well trimmed finger nails.

The thinning magic of vertical stripes

A proper royal weapon should be
jewel encrusted

The Royal Armory really is a fine museum, but know it was time to go out and do a little more exploring in Stockholm.

Chain of Pain

Don't even think about sitting on this chain guarding a statue in the Kungsträdgarden.

Ornate street lights are another MUST in any European Capital City

I can't get enough of the
Swedish Parliament Building

OH NO!!!

At the age of 17, Ludvig Palmbrink, along with a few good friends from school, returned to Stockholm after their first time on the overnight ferry from Helsinki.

The Swedish Royal Colors flying over the Royal Palace


None for me as I honor the boycott for once.

Time to refuel before boarding
the ferry to Helsinki


Pasadena??? In Gamla Stan???

Don't Forget Your Goat Leggings!

The Colors of Stockholm

The Silja Lines "Serenade"

Another adventure awaited us as we boarded this mini-cruise ship for the wild, loud overnight ferry to Helsinki and more good times.

The Vision of the Seas

As we made or way through the Skärgården Archipelago for the third time this week we blew past our old ship on its way to Tallinn.



David said...

I'm jealous that the museum has the complete set of swords and daggers. I never found the cereal box with the serpentine-blade dagger at the bottom of the display.

Where does Stockholm land in your Major European City power rankings?

George said...

I will consult with the SAFF Division I Football rankings maker and get back to you on this after reviewing Helsinki.