Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Diana Krall Concert in Copenhagen

When I picked up Laurie at Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport a few weeks ago, we spent a couple of days in the Danish capital and found out that Canadian Jazz singer Diana Krall was going to be in concert at Tivoli Gardens.

Today was the day of the concert, so we boarded the train for Copenhagen and set off for Tivoli Gardens.


Blow those awesome Nordic trumpets, Dians Krall is in town!

Always wear a helmet!

Especially if you are riding more than five stories up!!!

One of the great things about coaching American football in Europe is the ability to travel and sightsee in the tourist off-season. Everything is slow paced, easy to get to and relaxing.

Now it is July.

Frederiksberggade was packed

This is Copenhagen's main pedestrain shopping street and it was at least twice as packed as it was just three weeks ago when Laurie first arrived.

The Nyhavn was swarming as well!

DAMN TOURISTS#$%@*&%!!*&^%

Still and all, it was a beautiful day and it is a wonderful city.

Love was in the air . . .

. . . for the young and old alike . . .

. . . and for the casually and
well dressed as well

Copenhagen's Architecture
Never Disappoints

The red roofed penthouse apartment
is for sale


Frederikskirken, The Marble Church

Orthodox Onion Domes!

King Christian X

The very popular King of Denmark during World War II. He did not leave Copenhagen during the Nazi Occupation and would ride his horse through the streets of the capital to give hope to the oppressed Danes.

From all I've read, it worked.

Winston Churchill Memorial

Laurie wanted to visit the Museum of the Danish Resistance which chronicles the Nazi Occupation from 1940-45. I'd already seen this excellent museim, so I decided to take some pictures in and around Churchillparken while she stepped into the museum.

Memorial Statue of the Danish Resistance

The simple wonders of life

St. Alban's Anglican Church

A Bernard Reder Statue


Laurie finished her tour of the museum which was very moving for her in view of our family love affair with "The Nazi Channel," a.k.a, The History Channel.

It was now time to head back to Tivoli Gardens for some fun and a concert.

Danish Mexican food,
not on today's menu

A mini-Jazz concert broke out

Music was everywhere in Copenhagen today.

Interesting Coffee Tray

Peruvian Indians???

Cool flutes though!

Let's go in!

One of Tivoli's music shells in full swing!

HUGE Dragonflys for Jenn Contreras

The Tivoli Gardens' Koncertsalen

Note the lone Canadian flag flying in honor of Diana Krall's nation of birth.

Nordic Carvings in Tivoli


How did that name plate make this rack?

We bought the chocolate covered licorice


Boule in the Gardens

Measure it!

Picnic and a Concert

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park after all, the one that inspired Walt Disney to build the original Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Thus we decided that we really ought to go on a ride, but which one?

Centifugal Force is our friend!

Laurie said, "NO!"

I must comment on the sky we find everywhere in Scandanavia. The lack of pollution makes it a glorious proposition each day that the Sun is out and the clouds part.

"If God is not a Tar Heel, then why did He make the sky Carolina Blue?"

Airplane Revolutions

I said, "NO!"


We both said, "NO!"

Click on this picture

On the left, is that a bird flying by or is someone flying through the air off the ride?

Now I'm saying, "NO!"

Perfect, a lazy boat ride

"NO!" again, Laurie is not crazy about dark waters.

Finally, we both said, "YES!!!"

I would have opted for the Elephant but the line was long for this high anxiety, action packed, thrill ride and it was almost concert time so we didn't get the chance to live life in the fast lane tonight.

Maybe next time.

Wheel of Fortune

Your chances of winning here at this game are the same as they are at the Ventura County Fair.


Diana Krall and her husband Elvis Costello

Elvis Costello makes me wonder where in the world Westlake H.S. football legend, Joe "Sackman" Leggett, is today. Elvis played the same venue at Tivoli Gardens on Monday night, "the family that tours together, stays together."

I have never seen her perform either live or on TV, but we own several of her CDs and I really enjoy her smoky voiced renditions of classic jazz and blues songs. Her CDs are usually 80% mellow and 20% high energy. At tonight's concert she opted to flip those figures around.

When the concert was over, we still had over an hour until our train left the station across the street from Tivoli Gardens back to Hässleholm, so we decided to walk around the park, people watch and grab a little dessert.

It was fun to hear several people, me included, either humming, whistling or softly singing one of her concert songs as we strolled Tivoli on another spectacular Danish evening.

"When we're out together dancing cheek to cheek . . ."

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JTwice said...

that "Brian" sign was pretty funny... only to me it was even funnier, because I have a friend named "Preben" (lower down on the list) who has never before been able to find his name on a coffee mug or shotglass at any tourist trap worldwide... I forwarded him the picture, cause he might be willing to make the trip over just for that!