Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Trip to Malmö

During the 19th and 20th centuries, nearly 1/3 of the Swedish population emigrated to the United States of America.

It was an overcast and rainy Sunday morning, but we wanted to get out of Icelandia so we boarded the train for Malmö with the aid of my new Jojo Summer Card that replaced the one the Prague pickpockets pilfered.

The Malmö Rådhuset in full glory

Windy, but the clouds parted and we were treated to some Skåne-style sunshine.

Police presence on Malmö's Tortoget

Nothing unusual about a police van on a town's main square on a Sunday.

Then, the van started howling with very loud disco music???

Disco Fever

The cop just started dancing and everyone just stopped, watched and took photos.

What was that all about? Practice for the Policemen's Ball perhaps?

A magnificent day on the Lilla Torg


I just love these shots off of glass or water.

Father, Son and a Duck

Some quality family time on a Sunday.

A lonely cat

When Buildings Meet

Laurie and a Strange Tree

Our goal was to go to Malmö's Folkets Park to enjoy some Cuban music and food at the Caba Café.


The Folkets Park is an amusement park for the very young, kind of a introductory park before graduating to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

As a side note, never play one of these games, but if you do, go for the dark chocolate Toblerone.

Roller Coaster for Beginners

If you are five or under, this is all the danger you need!

The Merry-Go-Round

Always a safe bet.

But enough merriment, it was time for . . .

The Bandless Cuba Café

Laurie pondering no live music

The park and the Cuba Café were both relatively quiet today. Good Cuban rhythms were playing but we were disappointed that there was no live band this afternoon.

The great food and delicious Cuba Libres made up for our musical funk.

Street Band

Classical not Cuban but they were good and filled the musical void of the day.

Another great day in Skåne!

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