Friday, April 20, 2018

What a GREAT Day!

Thursday, 19 April, 2018

As I woke up this morning, I realized that after 94 days of living the bachelor life in Italy, that today the daily countdown was down to . . .

. . . Zip . . .

. . . Nada . . .

. . . Zilch . . .

. . . Yes, ZERO days until Laurie
arrived in Italy!

Today was THE DAY!


Of course this event had its dark side . . . house cleaning!

Fortunately, I had a few tools at my disposal.

 This instrument actually sucks
dirt and crumbs right off the floor!

It was simply AMAZING!

 After using that first instrument,
I tried this cool gizmo that further purified
the tile floors in the Villa Skorpion

I was flabbergasted at how efficient these two tools used together cleaned the floors of the Villa. I just wish I'd known about them years before.

With the Villa in order and the car washed and filled with gasoline, I was off to Milan's Malpensa Airport to meet Laurie's British Air flight 566 from London's Heathrow Airport scheduled to land at 16:00 in Italy.

She had flown, smoothly she said, on New Zealand Air from Los Angeles to London.

By the way, a huge GRAZIE! to Koreen Fitzgerald for driving Laurie to the airport in Los Angeles.

 Art in the Malpensa Airport

It was a nice touch as you enter the airport from the typically overpriced airport parking lot.

Her plane arrived only four minutes late and after the usual 30 minutes or so wait for her luggage and customs clearance . . .

. . . She was finally here!

We still had enough time to drive to the Villa Skorpion to drop off her luggage and let her freshen up a bit until the start of tonight's Senior practice.

 As always, the effort was good
but we were missing most of our
Offensive Linemen as usual

We will have a light, walk through practice in Saturday as a final preparation for Sunday's crucial playoff implication game for both teams at home against the Cagliari Crusaders.

The other BIG NEWS today
was the announcement of the
Los Angeles Rams 2018 home schedule

Financially, I'm good for one, maybe two games a season. There are some really good ones here to pick from, I'm excited!

Reading Is FUNdamental

She never disappoints

Thanks again to Judy Warner for putting me on to Donna Leon's series of books about Commissario Guido Brunetti set in Venice.

This was the 12th book of the series that I have consumed so far. I'm now about half way through these interesting, thought provoking mystery novels.

I highly recommend them to you.

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