Thursday, April 12, 2018

Even Though It Was Raining Again, I Had to Get Out of the Villa Skorpion!

Wednesday, 11 April, 2018

Good news, in only . . .

. . . more days . . .

. . . Euro-selfies can return
to the blog!

The sun was shining in Venegnono Superiore, so Milan, here I come!

Of course it started to rain once I got there.

Art near the train station

#96 Triennale
Happy Hour surrounded by sculptures

My first goal site today

This is a spot iMilan for all things art related but noted foitsculpture garden which was closed todato the general public due to a conference being held in the building.

Oh well . . .

Interesting indoor sculptures

Always topless

I think that Italian women are
MUCH more attractive than this

Painter's easel?

A three rear ended horse with
six legs trampling a man . . .

. . . More than once

Undaunted by rain or conferences, I rode the Metro to the Brera district where I was reminded . . .

. . . that I'll to start buying
flowers next week

Good spot for lunch
but it was too crowded

I kept looking for a good dining spot . . .


If we only knew now what a foolish player he would be tonight in the Champions League game between Juventus and Real Madrid.

This impressive building houses
the Pinacoteca di Brera Museum

It also is the site of the centuries old Academia di Belle Arti, one of Italy's most prestigious a schools.

I entered.  

Nice courtyard statue

Nice courtyard period

Of course there was art
work everywhere


How old are these signs?


I decided to save the museum tour for Laurie's arrival.


It was good but not as great as Nency's, still the best lasagna that I've had in Lombardia.

#80 Santa Maria alla Fontana
The miracle of the holy water

500 year plaque

So the story is that in the early 16th-century, the governor of Milan, Charles Id'Amboise, drank frothe fountain and was miraculously cured of an eye infection.

Why not?

Miracle holy water courtyard

Frescoes by
Bernardino Luigi's workshop

Arcades are a savior in the rain

Holy water chapel

Jesus in the ceiling

More frescoes

NICE mustache!

From these brass spigots
comes the famed holy water

But somebody has to turn them on

Isn't that Gonzo's middle name?

I was wet enough for one day, time to go home. 
Michigan training in Paris
Clinic on April 28th

We've got a home game that day, it would have been fun.

One more practice to put togethethe game plan to . . .


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