Friday, April 6, 2018

A BEAUTIFUL Spring Day to be Outdoors in Milano

Thursday, 5 April, 2018

My sincerest apologies to Paul Sabolic and Mike D'Antuono for posting so late about Thursday's activities, we have had internet issues at the Villa Skorpion the last two days.

Do not fear ragazzi, those responsible have been severely punished the old Roman way!

Today made it . . .

. . . consecutive days living in
Venegono Superiore, Lombardia, Italy
The Sun was out and I had a touch of wanderlust, so the train to Milano it was armed with my book 111 Places in Milan That You Must Not Miss.

Nice curb side menu

Isn't that the truth!

Speaking of food, let's get the food photos for the day posted and slobbered over right now!

In almost all cases it was a matter of look, don't touch and certainly do not buy!

 Cannoli-like goodies

Fruits are good for you!

 Check that, I did step into this
Spanish Tapas Bar and had half
of a perfect Tortilla Española

 Fruit was in season
everywhere I looked


I'll start buying these regularly as
soon as young Miss Laurie arrives

BUONGIORNO Stock Exchange!

The arcades near the Duomo
were a delight

Noticing more and more tourist
groups as we get into Spring

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

#86 Scior Carera
The voice of the people

 Scior Carera himself!

Almost every Italian city had an old Roman bust or statue where the populace could leave anonymous messages of protest, complaints, mottoes and/or take political shots aimed at whoever happened to be in power at the time.

In Milano it was this statue now located near the busy entrance to a trendy Zara store.

From the 3rd-century A.D., Mr. Carera today just silently watches the masses walk by on crowded Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

At the base of the statue, in Latin, is a warning to the grumblers, "Anybody who wants to criticize someone should be free from all faults."

In 1848 the Milanese staged an uprising against the Austrians who controlled Milano at the time that has become known as the Five Days of Milano. The city was turned upside down by the rioting Milanese.

It was during this turbulent time that Scior Carera became the moral symbol for the people and took on the role of spokesperson for the rioters. Every day the people would leave messages at the statue's feet calling for justice and freedom.

In case you are wondering, the Austrians were eventually driven out of Lombardia.

Just a random, good looking church . . .

 . . . where people can worship the Sun

San Pietro in Gessate

I was not heading here but this church caught my eye.

The sign outside said that it once belonged to the Convent of Humiliated Friars from the 13th-century.

I had to go in after reading that!

 Great Holy water font

Nice frescoes

Do any of these monks
look Humiliated to you?

Not Humiliated,
I think that's the Pope

The Sforza Family crest

Another random church that
looked interesting

But I did not enter this one as I was closing in on . . .

#10 Ca' Granda
Learning in the University's courtyards

Student life with the
State University of Milan
on the right

Ca' Granda means "big house" in Milanese dialect. It was the nickname for the Ospedale Maggiore built in the 15th-century.

The old hospital buildings are now the University's campus which are highlighted by four cloisters of varying sizes.

 SUofM students who died
fighting in WWII

 One of the cloisters

And another

Lots of building activity
going on today on campus

This sign reminded me that Laurie
will be here in just 14 more days

 St. Ambrose
Bishop of Milan

The city's Patron Saint never looked better!

Is he pouting?

 How many patients and students
have walked here over the centuries?

One way to keep the
riffraff out of the classrooms

Students enjoying a sunny lunch

Beautiful outside
University wall

 Intricate Artwork

What is that woman in the
upper right so upset about?

A bad grade on a Theology mid-term exam is my guess.

Damn birds!

GREAT Campus!

Cool Graffiti off campus

 #35 Giardini della Guastalla
Milan's oldest pocket of green

It is Milan's first city park acquired by the city in only 1938.

It is a great example of Italian Renaissance garden landscaping.

Near Ca' Grande, it was not surprising to see lots of college students enjoying the weather in this idyllic spot. 

Nice fountain near
the entrance

 A Jewish Synagogue
near the Giardini

 A Giardini just has to have
ancient, headless statues

 Meanwhile, back at the
Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele II

I never tire of this view . . .

. . . or of this one of the Duomo

Time to head north, we had four hours of practice in store tonight for our Flag and Tackle teams after all.

 Skorpions Field stadium addition
WILL be completed in time for
Saturday night's
Sant'Agata Knights game

It will raise the total seating capacity of Skorpion Field to a cozy 37,565.

 Gianluca Arena before practice

He held for our kickers for at least a half hour in pre-practice, LOVE this young man's dedication to the team.

We had our first good, all-around
practice in about two weeks

Attendance was up and our Offensive Line was on board!

Somehow, someway we must find a way to . . .


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