Wednesday, April 11, 2018

All Skorpion Football, All Day

Tuesday, 10 April, 2018

Do you realize that in only . . .

. . . more days . . .

. . . this will be possible again!

But who is counting?

Before flying to the continent, Laurie made a trip over the weekend to Las Vegas to visit Andy, Jenn and Kevin.

Kevin at Kindergarten

She got to go and pick up our grandson after school on Friday.

Jenga Master

By all accounts, she had a wonderful weekend with our family.

I definitely miss all three of them.

With more rain all day today, I stayed at the Villa Skorpion breaking down more game video of what will be a much tougher opponent this coming Sunday, the Sazana Red Jackets, than their 1-3 record would indicate.

In the evening, I was off as usual on a Tuesday to four hours of Skorpion football practices.

Another pair of thoughts about our Skorpions . . .

Nicolas Principi
Outside LB/Falcon

Between Fall high school seasons in the USA (45) and Spring seasons in Europe (10), this is my 55th season of coaching American football. Throw in another ten seasons as a player and I start to realize I may be getting old.

I have found that the real value and joy that I get from coaching comes from the players that I have had the honor of coaching and calling friends at the end of the day.

Nicolas is the kind of player that every coach would love to have on their squad. He is hard working, inquisitive about the game and gives maximum effort on every snap and every drill. He is usually the first Skorpion on the field and the last one off of it.

He has even asked me to join him on our off days to get in a little extra work.

A valiant young 21 year old warrior in only his second year of playing American football, Nicolas grew up playing ice hockey instead.

Yes, he is tough! 

Youth Being Served

On the left is 17 year old RB Alessandro Brovelli (#4) celebrating his scoring of last Saturday's game's first TD against the Sant'Agata Knights with 16 year old starting Left Guard Cesare Molteni (#68).

Excited, grizzled veteran Pietro Limido (#3) is all of 31 years of age.

The future is bright with young, hard working players like these two on the Skorpions' roster.

U15s all practicing pass route
footwork at the same time

 Plant and CUT!

Please note Christian, the fifth player from the left in red.

He is new to our Flag Football U15 team, this being only his third week with the club.

He may be small but he is excited to be a part of the Skorpions. Full of energy, Christian is another youngster who gives great effort daily.

More on Christian in just a second.

The always interesting
U15 vs. U17 Flag Scrimmage

These two Skorpion Flag teams get together about once every two weeks for a "friendly" scrimmage.

Both teams are excellent at their respective levels, so at times the competitive juices start to really flow between the players and coaches.

Tonight they were relatively calm.


Meanwhile, back to little Christian in red from the pass route drill photo.

He was inserted as the designated blitzer for the U15s towards the end of the scrimmage. On a 4th down play he hunted down the U17 QB and SACKED him!

All of the U15s went CRAZY!

Me too, truth be told.

Talk about your great moments in sports!

 Senior Team Offensive Scrimmage

We had a good practice

But only after an old, Coach Joe Howell-style "Do Better" talk at the start of practice as I felt that we came onto the field tonight during specialties and warm-ups with a ho-hum attitude that I definitely did not like.

That type of attitude will not cut it if we are going to . . .


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