Monday, April 23, 2018

Laurie's First Trip into Milan in Nine Years

Monday, 23 April, 2018

Happy Feast Day of St. George and/or Buona Festa di San Giorgio!

Goodness knows that there enough of us on the Skorpions.

Laurie had not been in Milan since the few days after our 2009 Catania Elephants at Milan Rhinos game. Our son Michael was also with us at that time making it a fun few days. If memory serves me correctly it was really hot that weekend.

It was blistering today in Milano too!

The typical, green Farmacia time/temperature sign at 2:00 p.m. declared that it was a toasty 33°C/92°F!

I decided to take Laurie to the typical tourist stops today.

Near the Sforza Castle

The entrance to the Sforza Castle

 Laurie wondered if we could buy
a set of six of these Sforza cups

Uh, no.

Laurie and a photo by the
Sforza Castle's main entrance

And another including the
entry fountain

The Duomo photo was a
MUST . . .

. . . as was this Galleria shot

Make that two Galleria shots
and . . .

Doing the Galleria bull spin to
irritate the entire city of Torino

 Laurie ducked into one store
and I ducked into another

Amazingly, neither one of us purchased anything.


 Coffee at the famed
Cova Pasticceria

 Modern art Sun

We entered the Church of the Day
that caters to Milan's Polish community

Milano has a Polish community?

Who knew?

 Nice Main Altar

Equally nice side altar

Laurie taking a moment
which I, of course, invaded

We got in some good sight-seeing today along with a fair amount of exercise but, in the end, the oppressive heat cut short our usual madcap tourist pace.

Still, it was a good start for Laurie I think.

Still no Crusaders game video on HUDL, so I have no work that I can do. If it gets uploaded soon, Tuesday will be a stay at home work day to be sure as we need to get the Crusaders victory 100% behind us and start our preparation for next Saturday's final home game of the regular season against our crosstown rivals, the Varese Gorillas.

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