Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Morning in Varese and Mexican Food with Skorpions in Milano in the Evening

Friday, 27 April, 2018

Laurie wanted to do some further exploring of Varese as last weekend's two trips to the Bellavista Café had peaked her interest.

Thus, after a brioche and a café at Le Due Isole next to the Venegono Inferiore train station, we boarded an iron horse for the 15 minute jaunt north to see more of the wonders of Varese.

The Veratti Kindergarten

 A wreath for Varese's
WWI and WWII fallen

"Look Laurie, a church!"

The Chiesa San Victori

We entered.

Solid Main Altar presentation
Laurie loves her candle lighting
ritual near a side altar

Meanwhile, back on the mean streets of Varese . . .

 "Nothing to see here,
just step away from the window
and nobody gets hurt."

 My favorite caffé in Varese's
historic center

The view from our table back
out onto the pedestrian only street

 Ghezzi has lots of atmosphere and
home made pastries to die for!

Ghezzi's chairs are not
from IKEA

Fueled on cappuccino and a shared, health conscious nuts that we are, pastry that was both buttery and flaky, we moved on down the street.

Colorful courtyard

Fading colorful courtyard

Sooner or later I just know that
we're going to breakdown

 A cool fountain on a large piazza
in Varese

Varese's historic center is small but always interesting and alive with people. I do not tire of visiting it regularly.

In the evening, we were scheduled to meet up with some members of the Skorpion family for dinner at the Piedra Del Sol Mexican Restaurante in the heart of Milano.

We opted to carpool into Milano with Stefania Rampinini and Pietro Caprioli.

We drove about 15 minutes towards Milano to meet them in their home town of . . .

A great little city with . . .

. . . a wondrous church
named after Mary's Assumption

My Mother was born on August 15th of a year to remain confidential for obvious reasons. That is the day that the Catholic Church has deemed to be the Feast of the Assumption or Asuncion in Spanish.

My Mother's given name is thus Asuncion.

There is the BVM whose entire body,
not just her soul, is assumed to have
gone to Heaven
The small, old Milanese side street
where our Mexican restaurant is
located backed up by a huge,
new skyscraper

 A dozen members of the Skorpion Family
had a great dining and social experience
last night to be sure!

I really like this place. It was my third visit and, of course, Laurie's first. I would not necessarily call the cuisine authentic Mexican food but what they do serve is well made and delicious nonetheless. The salsa is good and the adult beverages are excellent!

GRAZIE again to Pietro and Stefania for the ride!

Speaking of Mexican food . . .

Looks like I'll be in Chihuahua,
Mexico this coming August
coaching the Europe Warriors again

Speaking of American football . . .


Saturday night, the Skorpions (3-2) will host our crosstown rival Varese Gorillas (0-4) in our final home game of the regular season.

As usual in rivalry games, throw out the records and our 21-12 victory over the Gorillas back in February.

This will be a tough one for us to be sure.

Go Skorpions GO!

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