Friday, March 23, 2018

Quiet Work Day at Home

Thursday, 22 March, 2018

Our video of the Blue Storms game was finally uploaded to our teams HUDL account.

The HUDL icon

Thus a large portion of my day was spent breaking down the video.

As the Head Coach, I need to look at and evaluate each of our 11 players on every play. It takes a long time to do this especially when you mix in the frustration of seeing missed opportunities and/or how a failure on the part of just one player on one play can completely change things.

But, then again, this is why we coach.

I did not finish my task today and will hopefully be done on Friday.

At our practices tonight we welcomed six new U15 and U13 players to the Skorpions family. I was in charge of breaking in the new recruits by doing a series of ball handling drills and teaching them four simple, but to them confusing, pass routes.

But, then again, this is why we coach.

Our Senior practice stressed competition but was somewhat hampered by a dearth of offensive linemen. We had WRs fill in at one OL spot for the entire practice and even our OL Coach, Leo Pozzato, took a turn at guard for a play.

Of course Leo shunned the very idea of needing a helmet or shoulder pads to play this game.


But, then again, this is why we coach.

Reading Is FUNdamental

Los Angeles Crime Noir with
Private Investigator Philip Marlowe

This Chandler fellow might be on to something here.

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