Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Didn't Do a Damn Thing Thursday

Wednesday, 7 March, 2018

After last night's good practice I came home to the Villa Skorpion and CRASHED!

Even after a great night's sleep, I was still somewhat tired and  feeling a bit of stiffness in my joints.

Upon checking the Health App on my iPhone, I realized that part of my problem might be my activities the last three days in Torino and Milano.

According to my Health App, I had taken 57,566 steps, covered 27.5 miles and experienced elevation changes the equal of climbing 53 floors in the last three days!

And I'm not big on exercising at all!

Thus I decided to take a day off from my exploring ways and stay home for once.

It gave me a chance to do laundry, clean the Villa, hit the Esselunga Supermarket for much needed supplies, read and surf the web.

While surfing, I went on the Varese Skorpions website for the first time in weeks and found several pictures posted there from our Varese Gorillas game that I had not seen before.

Here are some of the photos that I liked.

Our Referees

The White Hat's attitude made for a good experience, always nice working with anyone at any time who does not have a large ego to feed. 

Now there's a good look

In my defense, it was way past my bed time.

Defensive Coordinator Daniele Donati is on the right side of this picture. He does a great job running our defense.

RB Coach Cristian "Bumba" Bianchi,
OL Coach Leo Pozzato and
DC Daniele Donati
They all take our first Derby game of the year seriously!

DB Coach Pierangeli Aimetti and
RB Coach Cristian "Bumba" Bianchi

Shall we dance?

And a TD dance at that!


Holder Gianluca Arena and
Kicker Dario D'Adelfio
3 for 3 on PATs

RB Dylan Auriemma

QB Omar "Lefty" Passera

Post-game team pow-wow with
GM Giorgio Nardi and
Offensive Coordinator Gigi Bravin

Post-Game Celebration MVP
LB Tony Mitrano

Beer anyone?

Not to worry, I'm sure that I'll be on the road again tomorrow after this much needed day of rest.


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