Friday, March 30, 2018

Do Nothing Thursday and a Rainy Practice

Thursday, 29 March, 2018

I stayed in the Villa Skorpion today for no particular reason other than it just felt good as the weather made a turn back to its Winter settings.

Before heading out to practice in the evening, I stopped off at one of my favorite spots in Venegono Superiore, La Pasticceria.

I needed a café and a small pastry
to get my energy levels up to par

And it only cost me a total of 2.10€ for these two spot on items!

"We're not in Switzerland any more, Toto."

 La Pasticceria is a series of temptations
mostly small but sometimes LARGE!

All the recent rain has been good
for Skorpion Field's natural turf

U15 Flag Tackling Drill

U15 Bombs Away Time!

The U15 Flag practice went well as usual and then it was time for our Seniors to take the field.

The overall numbers and enthusiasm were good tonight.

Our problem was the usual one, lack of Offensive Linemen. Only two were suited out tonight and two more were at the practice in street clothes nursing injuries.

As usual, DBs and WRs had to fill in but it really does not help us get any better as offense is all about timing and the reps necessary to get said timing.

My frustration level is rising but the enthusiasm of the players at practice eases much of the negative energy that our Offensive Line issues create.

Nevertheless . . .


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