Monday, March 5, 2018

A Fun Day With Visitors From California

Monday, March 5, 2018

About a week ago I got a message from long time Rio Mesa H.S. Counselor and Track Coach Bill Garner that he and his son Troy would be in Milan for two days at the end of an Italian vacation featuring previous stops in Rome, Florence and Venice.

We, of course, agreed to meet so that I could show them some of the more interesting parts of our fair city.

Thus today I headed to Milano Centrale train station to meet their 1:15 p.m. train arriving from Venice. 

 In the Milan Metro Green Line

Agatha Christie's play Ten Little Indians is a classic!

I wonder how it translates into Italian.

How old is this sign at
Milano Centrale?

Lots of trains coming and going
out of Milano Centrale today

In a stunning upset, their train was only seven minutes late!

After getting them settled into their hotel located only three short blocks from Milano Centrale, we boarded the Metro to start seeing the sights.

They were both easy to please since they already had their fill of museums and churches on their vacation by this point.

Troy, Bill and I outside
the Sforza Castle

We all marveled at the
latest in women's shoe fashions 

Troy and Bill by the Duomo

We had lunch at Peck

Tre lasagnas e niente dolci per favore.

After a good, long, conversational Italian lunch, we decided to go see something a bit unusual that I first stumbled upon last week.

 The Ossuary at the
Chiesa San Bernardino

Definitely different!

Afterwards, Troy wanted to check out some of the spiffy Italian men's clothing to possibly match the sports jacket he bought in Florence.

The off-the-rack pants he tried on cost a mere 550 Euros or about $680 USD.

He passed.


Sforza Castle looked
GREAT lit up at night

I had never seen it at night.

After getting Bill and Troy safely on the Metro back to their hotel, I looked at my watch and realized, if I hustled, I could take the Metro back to the Duomo and still make my train back to Venegono Superiore.

Why do it?

 Because I'd never seen the Duomo
at night either

Or the Galleria for that matter

The Galleria looked AWESOME!

We will all meet again tomorrow morning at 10:00 to see a few more sights before I head back in time for our 6:30 p.m. Flag Team practice.

Bill and Troy fly home to California on Wednesday.

Good times INDEED!

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