Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Thun Tigers Schedule Announced

First and foremost, Jenn and Andy Contreras . . .

Thun Tiger Action 2011

The much beloved Swiss Federation has finally announced the make up of the their three leagues and the tentative schedule of games for 2012.

As usual, the top six teams in Switzerland will play in the NLA.

The NLB is the second tier of Swiss American football in which your Thun Tigers will be one of six teams as well.

Finally, SAFV's lowest league, NLC, will be made up of only three teams this season I believe.

Thun Tigers 2012 Schedule News

The NLB has seen many changes as 2011's two best teams the Bienna Jets (9-1 in NLB) and the Winterhur Warriors (8-2 in NLB) have moved up to the NLA.

The Basel Meanmachine (0-10 in NLA) have dropped down to the NLB this season.

The Geneva Seahawks (4-1 in NLC) are jumping up in competition. The Seahawks were the NLC champions last year but will be competing in the NLB in 2012.

The four 2012 holdovers from the 2011 NLB campaign are the Fribourg Cardinals (1-9), the LUCAF (Université Lausanne) Owls (5-5), the Luzern Lions (6-4) and, everyone's favorite team, the Thun Tigers (1-9).

2012 Thun Tigers NLB Schedule

Sunday, April 1 vs. Basel Meanmachine
Sunday, April 8 - BYE (Easter Sunday)
Sunday, April 15 vs. Luzern Lions
Sunday, April 22 - BYE
Sunday, April 29 at LUCAF Owls

Sunday, May 6 at Basel Meanmachine
Sunday, May 13 vs. Geneva Seahawks
Sunday, May 20 at Luzern Lions
Sunday, May 27 - BYE

Sunday, June 3 vs. LUCAF Owls
Sunday, June 10 at Geneva Seahawks
Sunday, June 17 vs. Fribourg Cardinals
Saturday, June 23 at Fribourg Cardinals

Ten games, thirteen weeks . . .



Ryan Bolland said...

10 games in 13 CONSECUTIVE weeks? What kind of cockamamy European football scheduling is that?!

George said...

The Swiss are so very organized indeed!

Unknown said...

George, I just finished reading playing for pizza... I absolutely loved it. It was fun reading the book and replacing Rick with myself, although I won't be playing quarterback.
Once again, thank you very much for coming to clu in 2010 and expressing your interest in euroball.
I leave in 2 months and only get more excited as the days come to a close! I hope all is well.
God bless