Saturday, February 25, 2012

Practice, Street Market and Dinner

After last night's solid practice, it was time to get up early for our Saturday morning full pads skirmish/practice again at our indoor facility.

First though, Ueli and I stopped at the traditional Saturday Street Market to stock up on some delicious Swiss cheeses.

The Cheese Man

I bought the strong one at the far end of this table

Das ist GUT!

Fondue in a Bag

The Cheese Man was also selling various pre-mixed fondue cheeses and spices for those with little time to properly prepare for the traditional Swiss home-style fondue.

After picking up our cheese needs, it was on to practice where we were greeted by 31 Tigers who longed to get better today. We enjoyed a spirited and intense workout that brought a smile to everyone's faces.

Job well done today Tigers!!!


Last Sunday I found out that there is just about nothing open on the Sabbath. I decided, after practice, to return to town to pick up a few odds and ends to get me through tomorrow.

As I walked into town by a slightly different route I found this . . .

Horse Meat Butcher Shop

I grew to love horse meat in Sicily, so this place was of interest.

The varied menu that is horse meat

Just think of all of the possibilities.

The Soap Man

I bought another bar of his french made soaps this weekend. Citron this time to go with last week's bar of cherry scented soap.

Helvetica smells nice.

First it was Bollywood,
now it is a Bagpiper

This guy was pretty good, note the bells around his ankles. He would jump in such a way that the bells were a perfect accompaniment to his bagpipes.

Interesting people are all over the streets of Thun.

John, Ueli and Cindy

I was invited for dinner again tonight at their house right behind Helvetica. This time I was prepared with gifts.

Another great meal, lively discussions and some YouTube clips of Swiss wrestling and an interesting Swiss team game called Hornussen.

This link will show you the traditional Swiss wrestling, known as Schwingen, complete with the special shorts that the wrestlers must wear:

You can learn about Hornussen at:

I have got to see both of these for sure before I leave!

Good night.


Ryan Bolland said...

Nice to see that my Irish are being supported in Switzerland. Nice shirt, John!

George said...


Don't encourage him!