Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Acclimated

The answer to yesterday's quiz was, obviously,
"D. All of the above."

Today's quiz question: What does Thun offer diners that does not exist anywhere in Ventura County? See the answer at the end of this post.

Today was a good day to just get a little better acquainted with Thun and do some shopping for basic supplies.

1858, that's a long time for
the Burgers to be selling
sewing machines and umbrellas

The house I'm living in was already ten years old when the original Burger opened his shop.

Obere Hauptgasse

This interesting cobblestone street is a split level affair with all sorts of eclectic shops on both levels.

Thun Pride!

The heart of rich blue bloods?

VW bus . . . ah the memories

The Thun Public Library

It is centrally located and chock full of English language books, books on tape and DVDs . . . EUREKA!!!

As opposed to the U.S. and Sweden, where library cards are free, at the Thun Library I had to pay 20 Swiss Francs ($21.55 USD) for a three month trial membership. Given the price of a new book, it was still quite the bargain.

The first book that I checked out was "Nothing to Lose" by Lee Child, a Jack Reacher Novel.

Double Eureka!!!

I wonder if they have the Season 1 DVD of "Justified?"

Morris Café-Restaurant-Bar

This fine dining establishment run by the friendly couple of Robert and Andrea Morris is where I get a complimentary dinner nightly as part of my contract. It is proud of its good food and atmosphere.

I had a very productive 2 1/2 hour football meeting with Rudy Bohren and Stephan Pulver here this evening. The meeting was fruitful as we have our first practice together Friday night followed by another workout Saturday morning.

Next Monday we travel to Bern to scrimmage the Grizzlies, an NLA (Division I) team reputed to have a very physical defense. So, it will be a very good benchmark for us.

Now for the answer to today's quiz:

Yep, Hooters

I stopped in for a cold beer, no food at lunch time, they only serve food in the evenings.

The only waitress on duty was warmly dressed.

I hear they have GREAT wings

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Stadtbibliothek Thun said...

Thanks for the flowers! We don't have Season 1 of "Justified" (yet) - I just checked: it's not yet available with German subtitles.