Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Practice and More

Up bright and early for a 9:30 a.m.-Noon practice again in our large indoor facility. The emphasis today was on our running game, field goal team and pass rushing techniques. The turnout was O.K. but we were missing some key people requiring the juggling of some players with predictable results in terms of efficiency. The effort was again outstanding and I believe that we are headed in the right direction.


I thought that it might be a good idea to get some pictures on the blog so you can match them to the the names that I keep mentioning.

Ueli Sutter

For months Ueli has been my main contact with the Tigers. Besides all of his organizational duties, he also serves as our Defensive Coordinator.

Good guy.

Rudy Bohren

The heart and soul of the Tigers, he is the Offensive Coordinator. He is also a former QB and Fullback who now plays Right Guard.

Beast is an apt word.

Today was Rudy's birthday so, of course, we all had a beer in his honor in the gym after the practice ended.

Stephan Pulver

Stephan is an easy going, likeable young man who serves double duty as the U19 Head Coach and plays in the offensive line with the Senior squad.

Gentle Giant.

The Mühleplatz

It was a scorching 42ºF (8ºC) today, so everyone was out enjoying a meal al fresco while basking in the Sun. After practice I joined four of our players for a snack and an adult beverage.

It felt much warmer to me, 44ºF perhaps.

Even the fauna were enjoying the warmth

Hungry Tigers on the Mühleplatz

After sharing some nachos with Stephan, we all parted company and I decided to check out the market stalls set up along the main street of Thun's historic district.

The Braut was DEElicious!

I only had one.

Stunning upset.

Embroidered Linens

Lovely wares like these mean deep financial issues when Laurie gets here.

French Soaps

Lots of different fragrances including one called "Opium."


This French soap company is 175+ years old

The more conventional choices had incredibly strong, sweet aromas, so I had to buy a bar.

The choice?

Cerise, a.k.a., Cherry

Laurie loves cherries and the aroma reminded me of Smith Brothers cough drops.


I was invited to dinner at Ueli's home, which is located right behind Icelandia South, for dinner. I was introduced to Ueli's significent other, Cindy and her 17 year old son John.

We had a fine dinner, wine, coffee and chocolates to die for.

More importantly, we had a chance to sit and visit for over two hours, a fine evening indeed! MERCI!

Good people.

I watched part of "The Big Bang Theory" in German tonight . . . still very funny.

Big day tomorrow, my first foray this season into the wonderful world of laundry.

Wish me luck.


Ryan Bolland said...

You waited till AFTER practice for the beer? Didn't know Switzerland was such a teetotaling nation.

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