Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tame Tuesday

After yesterday's road trip, today would be a calm day. During my time in the heart of Thun's historic area today, I felt the need for a healthy snack with my cappuccino so I had an apple.

Sort of . . .

One of Mexico's most interesting customs

Our local bookstores offer a little bit of everything.

I got on Bus #3 today to check out the new Arena Thun, home of the FC Thun fussball team, a.k.a., soccer team.

Arena Thun

In only its second year of operation, could you ask for a more picturesque setting for a stadium?

Artificial Surface

I was surprised because I thought most Fussballistas did not like playing on synthetic surfaces. Still, this 10,000 seat state of the art facility is a little gem.

I can't wait to see FC Thun play a Swiss Super League game here but it won't be this weekend as originally planned. We will not be returning from our three day/five practice mini-camp for our U-19 and U-16 clubs in time for their game Sunday.

Our mini-camp will be held in the Italian speaking section of Switzerland's southland in the city of Mendrisio. We will be joined by the Junior squads from the Bienna Jets and Lugano Lakers organizations.

Should be fun.

Next to Arena Thun

This facility is also quite new, a mall if you will.

With the Alps as a backdrop, I guess it is O.K. to call it the Panorama Center.

The Müller Store

To the right on the main floor, it had about eight items that I had been looking for but had not found in the old town. My life is much better now.

Open Space

Across the street from the Arena Thun and the Panorama Center is a patch of flat open farm land. Looks like a good place to go for a walk on Wednesday.

Is that an ad for a horse meat ristorante in Thun?

I need an address, STAT!

U-19 practice tonight indoors at a facility that we share with . . .

A Floor Hockey Team

Two in the Sin Bin?

Adrian, our newest U-19 Tiger

He had just been outfitted with his first ever helmet and shoulder pads when I took this photo. It was his first practice ever tonight and he is raw to say the least.

Still, he was aggressive, coachable and liked contact.

He will be a good player for the U-19 team for sure.

We had another spirited, high energy practice again tonight.

I love our players and our coaches, the future is bright!


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