Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My First Mountain Hike

First and formost on this February 22nd . . .
Happy 280th Birthday George Washington!!!

Confœderatio Helvetica, a.k.a., Switzerland
Neutral since 1815

The heat wave continues as the mercury hit a comfortable high of 43ºF today in Thun. Perfect weather to go on my first ever Alpine hiking experience.

As I did last Sunday, I caught the #32 bus in front of Icelandia South and headed up the hill about five minutes to the Scheidweg stop.

Go Left!

I opted to cross the street towards Fasnachtsflue and Rabenflue to start my hike thus continuing to rise in elevation.

Still heading Left

This was the trail leading uphill

The view of Thun and its Castle

After traveling uphill for about 20 minutes, I decided to retrace my steps back to the bus stop at Scheidweg.

Only a 45 minute walk down a trail
to the train station in Thun

Why not? It only took me about 40 minutes.

A house with a view that is a view

About half way to Thun

Another nice home with a view

Barn yes, Animals no

Quaint Neighborhood

Thun on the horizon

After a total hiking time of about 90 minutes, I was back at the level of the Aare River.

Interesting Fountain and Building

Both are right on the Aare Riverwalk.


Dampfschiff Restaurant
Bateau a Vapeur

Their cappuccino and apple cake combined with this view on a sunny day made for a fine end to my mini-hike.

It just gets better here every day.

Reading is FUNdamental

My first read in Switzerland, courtesy of the Thun Library.

Just let it be known that Jack Reacher has now made the state of Colorado a much more warm and fuzzy place to visit.

Also from the Thun Library

It's Movie Night in Icelandia South tonight!

The adventure continues . . .

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