Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday, a Nice Day to Thaw Out

I was still worn out from all of the walking in Bern yesterday while battling the brisk weather so I opted for a quiet day around Icelandia South to simply thaw out a bit although it was definitely a warmer day in Thun.

I did some laundry, read and caught up on the news of the world on CNN, my only English language TV station. My usually dependable internet connection was slow for some unknown reason this morning and then completely died in the early afternoon.

Thus, I decided to walk into town to visit the Thunerhof to check on my the status of my Work Visa application. Unfortunately, their computers had gone down as well, so it will take a few more days apparently.

The peaceful Aare River

I believe that that is the Thunerhof building on the left. I was on my way the Coop Center to stock up on some supplies.

One of the things that you do in Europe is shop often for two reasons. First, the refrigerators are small and secondly, if you are like me and do not have a car, you have to carry your groceries home yourself either by walking or riding the bus or a bit of both.

Raging Waters - Aare Style

In the evening, it was time for the U-19 indoor practice. It was a beautiful night for American football practice.

I got the opportunity to work with Nicolas, the U-19 QB, and a hard working group of receivers in a spirited pre-practice session. Nicolas is going to be a very good QB this season. He is athletic, a leader (a QB's #1 asset if you ask me) and is throwing the ball very well at this time of the season.

Once we got practice going, it was time to work with the offensive linemen and then help in teaching punt blocking concepts.


When we were done, it was time to catch the two busses for the ride home.


Thun has lots of very nice sports complexes. Outside of our gym next to the bus stop, I found a group of four men taking softball batting practice.

My timing was off for both busses so I opted to walk home instead.

Good workout.

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