Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Friday

Our Thanksgiving was extended into Friday, a GOOD THING INDEED!

We picked up Laurie's Dad Bill and his wife Florene and drove down to Orange County to celebrate our blessings again, this time at Laurie's sister Gayle's home with her husband David and their family.

Andy and Jenn were able to fly in from Las Vegas for the day, Mike and Vanessa joined us and most of the cousins would be there as well.

The Signs of Fall

Gayle loves to garden

Gayle and David's backyard was aglow with nature at its nicest.

Pre-Game Snacks

Another day, another turkey

Why don't we eat more turkey year around?

The kitchen was the nerve center of the day yet again!

David carves the turkey, Gayle checks the yams in the oven while Amy stirs the all important gravy.

Andy, Mike and Sarah catching up

Lyndsey giving thanks that she graduated from USC as she ices and decorates the cupcakes

Andy and Jenn watching. . .

. . . Nebraska at Colorado

Lyndsey's husband Craig is a Colorado graduate and she was REALLY into the Buffaloes' upset bid Friday. It didn't work out for CU as the Huskers won 28-20.

Mike with the only surviving member of Gayle's Pumpkin Patch 2009.

Guys just hanging out!

The Adult's Table

Place Settings

As well as names at each place setting, Gayle also added a fun touch with a picture from the past of the person to be seated. This was Andy's spot with a picture from about the fourth grade ready to greet him.

At the head of the Adult's Table was a picture of Grandpa Bill with a one year old Laurie.

Yams with brown sugar and marshmellows

More importantly, why don't we eat these taste treats year around?


Tim, Sarah, Florene, Bill and Andy at the Adult's Table.

The Adult's Table is reserved for those who desire the tradition of serious Holiday discussions about politics, the cosmos and philosophy while you dine.

The Kid's Table

Here Craig, Amy, Laurie, Scott and John finish singing a rousing chorus of "Louie-Louie"!

For the third time. . .


Just the right combination of delicacies to finish off two days of Power Eating!

The Holiday Season truly IS a great time of the year!!!

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