Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lucy D'Antuono

Lucy D'Antuono passed away in Seattle this Fall after a long and fruitful life.

Her son Michael is a long time friend from my undergraduate days at the University of Washington. Mke and his wife Susan live in Pasadena now while Lucy's daughter, Diana, still lives in Seattle.

On Tuesday, we gathered with her friends and family at the Il Fornaio Restaurant in Pasadena to rekindle the memories of her remarkable life.

Lucy always struck me as a very elegant, reserved and graceful woman with equal streaks of strength and gentleness. She was a very positive person whose character was passed on to her children.

Lucy's favorite time of the year was Thanksgiving which gave her a chance to visit with family and friends while indulging her passion for good food.

Just a wonderful lady. . .

Lucy's Family

Daughter Diana is third from the left while son Michael is third from the right next to his wife Susan.


70 years old, has worked with Michael for years, is an extremely smooth-talker with a way with the ladies and has a VERY cool first name to boot.

Gentlemen, pay attention to this man and his moves!

The Usual Suspects

This is our University of Washington group with whom we celebrate Valentine's Day every year.

From the left: Peter and Sherlyn Claridge, Susan, and Michael D'Antuono, George Contreras, Paul Sabolic, Laurie Contreras and Joanne Sabolic

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Judy said...

I found your blog while googling to find my old friend Diana D'Antuono. I have lost her e-mail address. Would you please ask her to contact me. I am Judy Stephenson Thanks.