Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Party

About a month ago, as Laurie was opening her EIGHT orange and black plastic crates of Halloween ornaments, she suddenly got the bright idea to have us host a Halloween party.

I was initially not very excited by the prospect but I must admit, we wound up having a lot of fun as people arrived in costume. The fact that while the party was going on we also watched Oregon defeat USC 47-20 may have added to the evening's festive mood.

Our Hostess, Witch Laurie

"Wayne's World, Party On!"

Scott as Garth and Angie as Wayne

Star Wars meets a Disney Movie

Elizabeth as Princess Leia, Luke as. . . well Luke, Vanessa as Dopey and Mike as Snow White. . .
Good Grief!


Bufford here definitely stepped up in class tonight

Koreen as a retired Playboy Bunny (I think she could still hang in there quite nicely at the Mansion) and Brian as Bufford, the Earl of Skunk Hollow, Mississippi

Parties always mean good munchies!

are the other six Dwarfs coming over too?

Trick or Treaters a little stunned by
Snow White's beauty

The seedy side of Halloween

Gonzo as The Pimp Daddy of Camarillo and Pam as one of his "co-workers"

God Help Us!

Lorenzo as The Terminator and Lauren as Sister Mary Thomas Sadistic

"But We're Cousins. . ."

Yoda's in the House!

Carlos as Anakin Skywalker with his son Nicholas as Yoda

Group Party Picture



Anonymous said...

Great pictures George!! Snow White and Dopey had a wonderful time!! Although...I must make a slight correction...Carlos wasn't just a jedi...he was Anakin Skywalker...before he turned into Darth Vader of course. Only Star Wars dorks will see the difference.

claud said...

Hahahaha!Super fun!!!

DPLassen said...

We seem to be missing a report on your costume.

George said...

Discretion is my best path in life.