Saturday, November 14, 2009

Contreras v. Roybal

Contreras v. Roybal

No, this was not a historic Supreme Court case that further defined U.S. law through the Case Law process. Rather, this was a football game between two brand new inner-city Los Angeles high schools. Actually both of these institutions carry the title of "Learning Center" instead of the more traditional high school apellation.

Since I first discovered that the Miguel Contreras Learning Center existed and played football two years ago while reading the high school football results one Saturday morning in the L.A. Times, I had wanted to go to one of their home games to see them play. Friday night was the night.

United States Post Office Annex

This majestic old building is a Los Angeles landmark near one of L.A.'s best hole in the wall restaurants. Our son Mike and I were hungry after our one hour drive from Camarillo and we just had to eat at. . .

. . . the BEST French Dip Sandwich Restaurant in L.A.!

It is located only about a short mile and a half from the Contreras campus so it was a perfect stopping point.

Philippe's Nerve Center complete with sawdust on the floor

It seems like every person who works here has been at it for at LEAST half of the 101 years that this dining institution has been open.

My aunt Katie first took me here in the 1960's for lunch and I've been hooked ever since!

The Main Event

It is ALWAYS the pork sandwich with Bleu cheese and hot mustard with an ice cold lemonade to wash it down for me. Now, they do have a very extensive menu posted about 10 feet from this small one but remember what is advertised on their sign atop their building.

Go with the French Dip if you come to Philippe's!

Philippe's even has five old school style phone booths in case Clark Kent drops by to dine.

Fully sated, now it was time for the game.

Contreras Cobras (2-7)
Roybal Titans (0-9)

I told you this would be a BIG GAME! The Cobras beat Los Angeles H.S. last week 22-14 and wanted to end their season on a two game winning streak. The Titans just wanted to win a game in 2009.

Entering the stadium

The girl wearing the #5 jersey got me pumped up for the game as "CONTRERAS" was boldly printed across the front of her jersey above the front numeral of her away jersey.

J.V. Cobras in action in the black home uniforms

The Cobras would win this contest by a mark of 35-8.

I have GOT to have one of these!

Unfortunately, they were not selling anything at the game including programs. Undaunted, we found one of their Assistant Principals, one Jolly Enciso, and she let us know that if we call ahead next week she will help us buy a sweatshirt like this awesome one!

Titan Cheerleaders warming up in the shadow of the Los Angeles City Hall.

". . . able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!"

The opening Kickoff of the Varsity game

Did I mention that this was an inner city game in the second largest city in the USA?

#19, no programs equal no names

Whatever injury has befallen this Cobra Varsity player, I am positive that it has let him discover his true inner self as Contreras' BEST cheerleader bar none!!!

This is a role that he thoroughly enjoys by the way.

Cobra Nation. . . ON THE MOVE!!!

The Cobras were ready and dominated the contest from start to finish. The now 3-7 Contreras squad did indeed end the campaign on a two game win streak with its 26-0 victory on this fine Friday night.

Meanwhile, to the north of us, football was still being played on this last weekend of the regular season.

At Lompoc, Riccardo Conticello's Cabrillo team (1-8) was playing their crosstown rivals, the Lompoc Braves (0-9), for city pride. Final score Lompoc 28 - Cabrillo 24.

At Camarillo H.S., Rio Mesa was taking on their crosstown rivals as well.

The J.V. game was for the Pacific View League championship with the 9-0 Spartans facing the 8-1 Scorpions. No contest this year as the Spartans won 40-17 to cap a perfect 10-0 year!

The Rio Mesa (5-4) team needed to win against a Camarillo (8-1) squad which already wrapped up the PVL title last week. An upset win by the Spartans could propel them into the playoffs. It would a very tough assignment for the Spartans as the Scorpions were on a roll having scored 68 and 69 points in their last two games.

The Spartans played with great courage in taking a 14-0 lead at the 7:14 mark of the third quarter but the Scorpions played like champions in rallying late to tie the game at 14-14. The end of the fourth quarter saw the teams still knotted at 14 all so it was on to Overtime.

The Spartans were on offense first and missed a Field Goal. The Scorpions responded with a 25 yard TD screen pass on their first play to win the game 20-14. The Scorpions will be in the playoffs with their 9-1 record while the 5-5 Spartans ponder what might have been.


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