Friday, November 6, 2009

"Hurricanes fortsätter satsa amerikanskt"

This post's title is the headline of an article today in one of Sweden's newspapers. It translates into "Hurricanes continue to invest American".

I'm now officially a Swedish investment property!

I was contacted by Tomas Gustavsson, a sports writer for the newspaper NorraSkåne that services the greater Hässleholm, Sweden megalopolis. He wanted a little background information on the Hurricanes new "Amerikanskt" Head Coach from "Kalifornien".

If you want to see his article click on the website below.

In the original Swedish:

On a weather note, the Hurricanes Uffe Palmbrink e-mailed me that the first snow of the season fell in Hässleholm yesterday. Camarillo was also chilly with a high of 69˚F = 20.5˚C and a low of 51˚F = 10.5˚C.
. . .BRRRR!!!


DPLassen said...

I ran the story through an online translator, so you'll be glad to know someone from the Hurricanes says "we have actually good fine word on him so it becomes really excited."

Hurricanes continues to invest Americanly
print of Tomas's Gustavsson November 6 14.41 (UPDATED 19.15)

AMERICAN FOOTBALL. Employs one tränare with 40 years' experience.

George Contreras, from Camarillo in California, the man is that will lift the American football team in Hässleholm yet another snäpp.
- I see actually forward against this possibility to may to work in Hässleholm, says George Contreras that counts with finding on-the-spot some time in next March's year.

Now, Europe do not become an entire unknown place for it the American coach since he two done seasons in Italy.
- the last years have I coachat a team that is called Catania Elephants on Sicilien and that plays in the the Italian American football gang, tells George Contreras.

The successes for Hässleholm Hurricanes it gånga the season, where one up to and including a played direct crucial game about the series victory against grove Vikings in the the last playing round, has given the sport manager Jonas Griph and klubben stained with blood tooth.
- definitive, we knew that that there be additional development opportunities for this the team, Jonas thinks Griph as each certain about that it then was required one flu from outside.

2008 invested klubben on one åldersmässigt quite young coach in the form of the American weak Simion and the previous season was it it something more experienced Lonnie Hursey that took over. Now, it becomes therefore George Contreras, 62 that will develop the team and the playing.
- we wanted to try to find a something more experienced coach and it have we of course actually done in Contreras, considers Hurricanes sport manager.
- we have actually good fine word on him so it becomes really excited.

George Contreras, as most stirred itself in high school-sammanhang in California, has coachat all possible offensive and defensive positions and moreover acted central coach.
- presently feels it only so good to may to come to Hässleholm and the woods and coacha Hurricanes, means George Contrerars that enough also knows itself pleased with knowing that the stem season training already has been initiated.

- Jadå, the training has already been started indoor and our hope is that we will can to build on the previous season's teams and since moreover to find yet another number new and hungry players, Jonas tells Griph.

It can become an excited spring for Hässleholm's Hurricanes.

George said...


I'm ALL about the "klubben stained blood tooth"!

Christian said...

Hey coach!
want an accurate translation of the article?

//Christian "Mr Penalty" Boesgaard OL