Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sydney Smale Gorrie

On Saturday we attended a Memorial Service in Burbank at the iconic Smoke House Restaurant for Laurie's uncle, Sydney Gorrie.

I always found Sydney to be a person of interest during the traditional Gardner family reunions at Christmas and the Fourth of July. He just always seemed like a good guy, the type of man that you wanted to know a lot more about or hang out with at the local pub listening to his recounting of endless stories about his life experiences. Alas, four hour chunks at these family gatherings was just never the right venue to have known him better.

After 87 wonderful years of life, Sydney recently passed away. Saturday was another time of gathering and reflecting on his life, the important things in life and how Sydney touched so many people in wonderful ways by just doing simple, kind and generous deeds.

The Bloom of Youth

In the lower right corner, is a young, bright-eyed Syd in the 1940's I suspect, with his bride and high school sweetheart, Maxine Gardner. Behind Maxine is her sister Geraldine, next to her husband Kelly McGraw. Next to Kelly is Beryl Gardner, Maxine, Geraldine and Laurie's Dad Bill's Mother.

I think that this picture is from Sydney and Maxine's wedding day, they were married for 60+ amazing years!

Maxine and Laurie

Laurie always has had great admiration for her Aunt Maxine.

The Gardner Clan continues to grow with the addition of new little people.

Mike, Patty Jo and George Fairchild

Patty Jo is Geraldine and Kelly's daughter.

Catching up

Laurie with her cousin Dianne Silvestro

Dianne is Sydney and Maxine's daughter.

Ian, Maxine and Bill

Ian is Sydney's brother and Bill Gardner is Maxine's brother, as well as Laurie's father.

The Cousins

From left to right: Gayle Hicks, Laurie Contreras, Linda Neumeier, Dianne Sivestro, Patty Jo Fairchild and Janet Specht.

Sydney and his bride Maxine were still in love all these many years later.

When the day ended and we were driving away, I again felt that desire to pull into a pub for that elusive meeting with Sydney.

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Dick Bellman said...

Years ago my parents introduced Sharon and me to the Smoke House restauranat. We loved it and have frequently wondered if it was still there. Question answered.