Thursday, November 26, 2009

Fillmore, California

Wednesday afternoon I drove over to Fillmore which is the prime example of small town America in Ventura County. No malls, just a quaint downtown area with small, locally owned stores that supply all of the simple things that are the fabric of people's lives.

My main purpose to visiting this town that was founded in 1888 was to stop by Fillmore H.S. to watch their evening practice in preparation for this Friday's C.I.F. Quarter-Final playoff game at Bishop Union H.S.

I got there a little early so I decided to take a walking tour of Fillmore's downtown.

A Salute to Fillmore's sons and daughters in the Armed Forces

These are posted all up and down Central Avenue.

Fillmore City Hall

I love the ancient Firestone Tires sign

Still only $6 for a haircut? WOW!

What says southern California more than palm trees?

They even have a Pool Hall for your pleasure

Established 1919

Ninety years old and still kicking! You can find all of your hardware needs here I'm sure.

A simple but effective advertising strategy

The Fillmore Theater

The upscale Central Market . . .

. . . competes with the down home
Victor Market

121 years of Fillmore's town history awaits you inside.

The Glessinger Winery is always possible diversion

Fillmore prides itself on its long history with the railroad industry.

Christmas decorations are already up near Fillmore's Railroad Visitor Center

Lots of vintage railroad cars are on display.

Hook me up, I want to go!

California's premier railroad line

The Fillmore Mystery Dinner Train

As the name implies, dinners on this train ride through the country get to figure out "whodunnit" as they eat while a live murder mystery plot unfolds on their trip.


The old 101 is indeed "Radio Equipped"

Now it was on to Fillmore H.S.
"The Home of the Flashes"

Fillmore H.S.'s Weight Room

They have about 60 kids out for football and the formula here is basic but highly effective. They concentrate on "The Big Three". From left to right you go from Squat to Power Clean to Bench Press.

Their Field Turf Stadium is ready

Head Coach Matt Dollar

Matt runs the defense and has great rapport with his players and coaches. Their Frontier League Championship this year is their first outright title since the 1970's!

The Scout Offense running one of Bishop Union's favorite plays.

Installing a new play to spring on unsuspecting Bishop Union.

Buck Sweep Drill

The Flashes run the Delaware Wing-T which I fell in love with 30 years ago and ran throughout my career as a head coach in high school. I want to run it again in Sweden so I wanted to catch up on any and all new wrinkles that have been added in the last ten years, since I've been on the defensive side of the ball as an assistant coach.

Coach Curtis Garner in the Offensive Huddle

Curtis coached with me for several years at Rio Mesa H.S. when I served as their head coach. We ran the Wing-T together at that time and he has continued it at Fillmore.

Curtis is a good man and an excellent coach. I plan on meeting with him several times before I depart for Hässleholm.




DPLassen said...

You're quite the good-luck charm there: Bishop 29, Fillmore 0.

George said...

"Results may vary."