Monday, January 26, 2009

Team Building Evening

Sunday evening was a time for some team building so we joined some of the Elephants for dinner and a few beverages.

But first I must digress, last year at the end of the season the four Americans sat down with our owner Davide Giuliano to discuss how to make the team better and how to improve the living conditions for the imports.

While "Malibu" was a great spot for Jason, Christie and myself, Matt and Brandon's experience at "The Dorm" needed to improve dramatically.

Let's take a look at Larry, Taber and Luke's new digs in Aci Trezza, "Newport"...


The view out their front door is the side of our favorite local cafe, Mythos.  Convenient to say the least.

One of their spacious bedrooms.

Their living room

The view out of "Newport's" front window is nice.

Dinner at a new spot, Camelot,
near Castello Ursino

Bacon and Green Onion Cipolata, Veal Involtini and Bistec di Cavallo

Parking Karma?

Fondo Bianco

Atilio is the owner of the team bar.  An avid Harley-Davidson rider, I brought him this H-D T-shirt from the Camarillo store which he really appreciated with a series of complimentary beverages.

Operation Enduring Freedom

Atilio also is a staunch supporter of U.S. Navy personnel stationed at the nearby Sigonella Naval Air Station.  He is very proud of that they awarded him this U.S. flag and certificate in appreciation.   

Team Bonding is a MUST for Team Chemistry

The Phone Man Cometh

This morning Gustavo arrived with two representatives from the phone company to activate the phone line in Malibu.  The router SHOULD be in by the end of the week which means high speed INTERNET at home!!!


DPLassen said...

Internet? At home? What a concept.

So I guess they're finally responding to last season's work order.

Andrew said...

So I heard a rumor you received a ticket in Florence last year? By what I saw in Jenn and my time in Italy I have only one question - are there any driving laws in Italy? And if so, what could you have done to warrant a ticket -drive too slowly? Not wear the proper scarf and glove combo?

Il Capo said...

Just for your readers to know

I have just receive a text message from MC-Link, wich is the company who brought the internet connection at malibu, that says that your line has been activated and will be working in 2... yes they said TWO... days.

will JJ ever believe???

Ed 'Boris' Beakley said...

Hey George,
Thought you might find this of interest. One of the guys I work with in the Navy Anti-Terrorism program here at Port Hueneme is retired Army, just took job here after working in Italy for some time. Without elaboration as to why, I was telling him about you and your retirement home and occupation.

Turns out he played for the Veronia team while in the Army, back in '86. Indeed was MVP in Div 2(?)Championship game. Name's Pat Hooper.

If you're not havin' fun, you're not doin it right.

George said...

It was a parking ticket in Bologna, they got me when I wasn't even there!

Internet SOON!

George said...

Boris??? Ah the small world of Italian football.

Boris said...

Yeah verily war and remembrance - tis "Boris" to my Navy Buds.

Long story of war, fighter pilots, a chess match - yes indeed chess match - for honor and glory of a squadron at a swimming pool in the Philippines Involved many San Miguel's, a rum concotion called a Cubi Special, peach preserves, and some native girls, but no live animals were hurt by the weed eater.

George said...

Fun with a weedeater???

Boris said...

This is need to know stuff.

If I were to tell ya I'd have to... so to speak

George said...

I'm in Sicily, I get it!!!

Laurie said...

Boris - Glad you and George finally got together. When are you going to Italy next? Maybe we could all meet?