Friday, January 9, 2009

David P. Lassen

I had lunch yesterday with long time friend and my calcio / futbol / soccer guru...

David P. Lassen

As if my 0-12 University of Washington Huskies and tying for last place in the Rio Mesa H.S. College Bowl Pool wasn't bad enough, David showed up wearing a PALERMO calcio game jersey!  Will the madness ever end?

Although David has covered the Beijing Olympics, the Rose Bowl and the Los Angeles Lakers amongst several other key assignments this past year in his career as the Ace Reporter for the Ventura County Star newspaper, I believe that his true talent could be doing investigative reporting on the fascinating world of American football in Italy.

We had a very nice meeting at the Adobe Cantina in Agoura Hills, I need to stuff as much Mexican food into me as possible in these last few days before flying to Sicily so this eatery was a solid choice.

David mentioned the word "salad" to me earlier this week and I was shamed into ordering the Tri Tip Tijuana Caesar Salad.  Tasty I must admit but for my true feelings click on this link 

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