Monday, January 12, 2009

Catholicism, Never a Dull Moment

Santa Clara Catholic Church

Oxnard, California

Saturday Laurie and I went with our son Michael to meet with Father Mike Grieco at the church, pictured above, where Mike and Vanessa will be married in August.

The purpose of this soiree was for us, as Michael's parents, to swear under oath with one hand on a Bible (honest) that Michael has never previously been married. The answer was no to the best of our knowledge.

Additionally, Father Mike wanted to know if there was any reason that we could think of why they should not get married.  Quickly thinking about the 29 WONDERFUL years that Laurie and I have shared (not bad out of nearly 38 years of marriage) the answer was again a solid NO.

Vanessa and her parents, Tito and Liduvina, had gone through the same intense grilling with Father Mike before us.

Afterwards the six of us had yet another fine dining experience at La Dolce Vita restaurant in Oxnard's Heritage Square which consists of several perfectly restored Victorian homes that are now various types of businesses.

Why does everything good always come back to food, family and friends?


DPLassen said...

See, this is why this blog is so informative. I never knew interrogation was part of the sacred rite of marriage.

George said...

Does the Spanish Inquisition ring a bell?